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Guide for Applying Tibet Travel Permit

Millions of tourists outside China wants to know the question of ¡°How do I get into Tibet¡±. By comparison with other places in China, Tibet has never been an easiest place to visit. Beside the obstacle of mountain roads and the lack of oxygen in the air, travel permit is another hindrance for visitors to enter Tibet. You can get the detailed info about Tibet travel permit through the following.

Visitors who want to visit Tibet need a travel permit which can help you aboard the train or flights to Lhasa. Before applying for the permit, visitors need to pre-arrange an itinerary through a tour agent. In addition, if you have a plan to visit outside Lhasa Prefecture, you have to get these places by hiring transportation and a tour guide. If you decide to get to Tibet from Nepal, you will have to travel on short-term group visa, which is hard to extend.

There are three kinds of permits: Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit, Travel Permit or Aliens¡¯ Travel Permit and Military Permit. TTB permit, which is a necessity for foreign tourists to visit Lhasa or other parts of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, can only be gotten through a tour agency in Tibet (agencies outside Tibet can arrange trip, but ultimately they book through a Tibetan-based travel agency). Aliens¡¯ travel permit which is issued by the police is needed to visit ¡®unopened¡¯ areas. You are asked for the passport and TTB permit and submit it to the Foreign Affairs Section of Public Security Bureau for the Aliens travel permits. Visiting sensitive border such as Mt Kailash are required to show military and a foreign-affairs permit. The Military Permit is issued by troop while the Foreign-affair¡¯s permit by Foreign affairs office in Lhasa.

But for the general foreign travelers, the most indispensable is TTB permit. To get permit you need to:
1. The photo copy of Chinese Visa and passport is a must. You can email them to the Tibetan-based agencies you choose 20 to 30 days before arriving in Lhasa. The photo copies must be in large size and clear enough.
2. You have to arrange an address in China such as hotel, guesthouse and local agency to receive your TTB permit.
3. You should work out the itinerary detailing where you want to go
4. Agree price and send deposit through Paypal or bank transfer.

By the way, if you are a journalist or embassy staff, you will find it impossible to get TTB permit., while the visitors on business matter or resident visa don¡¯t seem to have a problem.

Hope that the above-mentioned information can help you if you plan to visit Tibet.



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