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Info about Longxing Ancient Town

Longxing Ancient Town is a popular ancient cultural town with high tourism value and the value of appreciating art. It is located in Chongqing where Yangtze River cruises start, about 36 kilometers away from the downtown of Chongqing. Longxing Ancient Town is a town with a long history, which could be traced back to more than 600 years ago.

Longxing Ancient Town has already a history of more than 600 years with rich cultural heritages, various architectural landscapes and many talented people (in history, there are altogether more than 200 cultural celebrities in the Longxing Ancient Town). Many traditional folk activities such as the waist drum performances and Chuan Operas and so on are all reserved in the town. Buildings in the Longxing Ancient Town are also with distinctive Bayu characters. Attractions of Longxing Ancient Town

Longxing Ancient Town has been there for more than 600 years but is still in good condition. You can enjoy the famous Huaxia Zongci (ancestral hall) with elegantly carved beams and exquisitely painted rafters, traditional courtyard of Liu family with 12 meters high fire-proof walls, Longcang Temple and Yuwang Temple with mysterious colors, and the Yulin River with clear green water. There are also some memorial archways in the Longxing Ancient Town.

In the Longxing Ancient Town lies a Bayu Folk Culture Museum. There are three exhibition halls displaying respectively the agricultural tools, nine beds engraved with beautiful patterns of Qing Dynasty and many folk artwares. All of the articles in the museum showcase the agricultural life of the ancient Bayu people and the advanced wood-carving skills of the local people.

Chongqing is one of the popular departure cities on Yangtze river cruise if you have more spare time, then you could have a visit of Longxing Ancient Town in Chongqing. Longxing Ancient Town has perfectly combined the modern town and ancient town. Before you aboard on Century Diamond, you could have a visit of various historical relics in this town, you also could enjoy various traditional folk activities and enjoy the delicious local snacks there. Longxing Ancient Town is an optional China tour destination before your Yangtze River trip.

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