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Chinese Tea Guide

Tea is the best thing to buy for your China travel.

Chinese tea has made great contribution to the people’s health around the world. It is said that the ancestor of the tea is Shennong, the inventor of the agriculture and medicine. The Chinese tea has spread the world to improve people’s health, happiness as well as the physical and mental harmony. This adds the infinite charm for the concept of health and tea culture.

History of Chinese tea

China, the hometown of tea, was the first place to discover tea trees and the first place to utilize and cultivate tea trees in the world. The origin of the tea trees had no less than 60,000 or 70,000 years’ history. At first the tea was used as the offerings in the West Zhou and the used as vegetables in the Spring and Autumn period, in the Warring period it was used as medicine, the custom of drinking tea mainly began in the Han Dynasty, and became popular in Tang Dynasty. As one kind of beverage, tea spread to the minority areas of northwest China, and turned into a necessity of life. One saying can best describe the importance of the tea: The life will stagnate without the tea for one day, and people will be sick without the tea for three days.

Chinese tea has undergone a long history from its invention to its use. The reason it is so welcomed by people is not only it can be a beverage for people to drink, but also it can play an important role in health protection and treatment. China is the provenance of the tea, and China’s contribution mainly lies in the discovery of the tea and form a unique tea culture for the east and even the world.

Efficacy of the tea

Tea can build up your body and has the drug efficacy, also it can cultivate the mind. Testing tea and entertaining guests are the elegant entertainment and social activities of the Chinese people, sitting in the teahouse and take part in the tea party is the activities of Chinese social groups. The Chinese Sado is prestigious in the world, and it introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty, later on it had developed into Japanese Sado.

If you use the same leaves with the different quality of water or different tea set, the taste of tea will be different. In order to make good tea, you should know the characteristics of different types of leaves and master the technology of brewing tea.

Tea is also the best choice for businessman who have China business travel and give its cooperators as gift.

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