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Local Lifestyle of Shanghai

Shanghai, known as "the Paris of the Orient" ana also included in 72-hour visa free China travel, beautifully blends Western and Chinese cultures. In this cosmopolitan metropolis, visitors can experience both the history, and modernity of Shanghai. Shanghai local's lifestyles combine the best of China's past and present along with some Western cultural aspects making Shanghai's local culture unique in the world.

Early in the morning, Shanghai's elderly can be seen in mass heading to Shanghai's parks and the People's Square to do morning exercises, often with grandchildren in tow. They can be seen in groups practicing tai chi, performing martial arts, doing local dances, and playing croquette. It is a site that can be seen throughout China. Two traditional pastimes that are unique to Shanghai is the ancient art of Ping tan and Shanghai Opera. Ping tan is a form of storytelling that traditionally has only one performer. The performer sits on the stage with only a couple of props used to emphasize what he is saying, and tells love tales, or tales of the daring exploits of legendary Chinese figures. This is very popular among Shanghai's elderly men, who often go to the Yuyuan Garden's (a must-see for Shanghai tour) Teahouse to enjoy this performing art. Shanghai's Local Opera is also popular amongst the elderly, and they enjoy watching performances in the evenings. In the evening, many middle aged and elderly people can be seen doing western style dance like the tango and cha cha in the parks well into the evening.

Shanghai locals are known for their hard work, but after work, they really like to play, and it is at night that Shanghai truly shines. Most of Shanghai's ancient and modern buildings are lit up at night, and the scene is quite spectacular. It is the perfect time for local lovers to take a cruise on the Huangpu River which flows through the city and passes by the Bund and the Oriental Pearl tower, which look particularly beautiful at night. The younger crowd likes to head out to be seen at Shanghai's numerous bars and nightclubs. Shanghai's nightlife is world-renown and is something the locals take very seriously. The most hopping nightlife spots can be found on Julu, Xintiandi, and Hengshan Roads. Many of Shanghai's fashionable young ladies like to spend the evenings shopping in Shanghai's many boutiques on Shanghai's Nanjing and Huanhai Roads where you can buy souvenirs for your family and friends after AFFORDABLE china tours.

Among Shanghai's working class, many sports have become quite popular. Due to the influx of Western businessmen and visitors, Western sports have become vogue, and like in the west, Golf, and Tennis are a necessity for Shanghai businessmen. Although expensive, golf courses are becoming more and more popular, and are normally designed to exacting specifications. The most popular golf courses amongst Shanghai's businessmen are the Palm Beach Golf Course, and the Shanghai Golf Club.

Shanghai is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Its locals work hard and play harder. They have taken the best of Chinese and Western cultures and have blended them together in a way unique to Shanghai. Shanghai is one of a kind, and its friendly occupants are well known for their hospitality, and their ability to make visitors feel quite at home. Because of this, Shanghai is the perfect embarkation point for visit to China.

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