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The quaint ancient town - Xinchang

Another famous ancient town should be contained in your China tour packages.

Since the famous film Lust, Caution directed by Ang Lee was shot in Xinchang, this small ancient town in Shanghai become much more famous.

Many scenes were shot in Xinchang, including when Kuang Yu Min is bothered by prostitutes at a hostel in Malaysia, when Wong Chia Chi waits for Mr Yee at a cafe and when a group of Wong Chia Chi's drama club members take the tram on a rainy day. Ang Lee rented the entirety of Xinchang for a month to shoot the scenes.

The Xinchang ancient town located at Naihui district of Shanghai, between the heart of the city and airport, 36km from the People’s Square, 25km from the Pudong International Airport. Called Stalagmite Town in acient time. Famous for its unique characters clearly display the style and features of the ancient town, Xinchang town is noted for being "small, but more beautilful than Suzhou city (a must-see destination for your China travel)”.

Xinchang Ancient Town in Nanhui District's southwest has a history dating back more than 1,100 years. All the old streets, bridges, temples and trees give a delicate, archaistic fragrance. According to historical records, "10 views of the stalagmite knap", "13 monumental archways and nine stone bridges" and the "saddle-shaped water bridge and stone revetment" were the most famous scenic spots and places of historical interest.

There are more than 100 different sizes of ancient Ming and Qing Dynasty houses, white walls, Daiwa, carved doors and windows have been saved. Existing stone revetments are more than 6000 meters, of which about 1500 meters was built before the Republic, its oldest can be dating back to the Yuan Dynasty, has 800 years of history. The saddle-shaped waters bridge (more than 20), which Called as the "home of the heritage" by heritage experts, has the classical architectural style, for example, the Hidden Eight Imortals carving, the Wishful Graphics carving and so on, very beautiful and delicated, rich of typical Jiangnan water town flavor.

But this town are not right for China business travel.

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