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Muslim Street in Xian

Muslim Street is located 100 meters west of Bell Tower, which is another must-see along Xian travel which is part of Silk Road tours. The Muslim Street is home to 10-plus mosques of different shapes and different size, around which more than 20000 Muslims are inhabited, where the original religious custom and living life styles of Muslim is preserved till now. No Xian travel is complete without visiting the featured Muslim Street.

The Muslim Street, 5 meters wide, stretches 500-plus meters from north to south, on both sides of which snack stands and specialty shops are distributed. The Muslim Street is featured with its bluestone-paved path, shaded aged trees and characteristic architectures of Ming and Qing style imitated. Palatable snacks is ubiquitous on Muslim Street, from the Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, Chinese hamburger, cool noodles, Jingao rice pieces and steamed stuffed buns and the like, each of which would tease your taste bud greatly. The restaurants in the streets are all Muslim ones, and various Muslim food are all easily available here, such locals' favorite ones as roasted beef, roasted fish, and pancakes are all at your disposal. Food on the Muslim street is diversified and complex but at low price. The street can be your option for your affordable China tours.

Besides the mouth-watering Xian snacks, the Muslim Street is also packed with local specialties, such as paper-cutting, green tea, Huanggui thick wine, shadow puppet and Shanxi embroidery and the like. These delicate items would be a great feast to your eyes. Everything in the Muslim Street is brimming with profound Muslim flavor, which is highly favored by visitors domestic and abroad.

China Travel Tips

Admission Fee: None How to get to: Take the bus No. 4, 7, 15, 32, 43, 45, 201, 205, 206, 215, 218、221,222,251,300, 604, 611, 612, K630, Tourist line No.8 to get to.


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