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What to Eat in Chongqing and its food streets

Chongqing, as the starting point of Yangtze River tour, is a must-see destination in China.

Hot Pot

Hot pot is local culinary specialty in Chongqing. When eating, the food like beef pork, mutton and other vegetable ordered by customers is boiled in a spicy broth. For catering to the different tastes of customers, hotpot with different flavors like spiciness, sourness and light spiciness can be available. If you cannot bear the spiciness, you can try other taste. The most famous and representative hot pot are cattle-gut, yuanyang and time-honored "Qiaotou" hotpots. Cattle-gut hot pot are characterized by pungency, dense soup and heavy flavor. As for yuangyang hot pot, the pot is separated into two parts in the middle. One side contains spicy soup and the other bree soup.

Dandan Noodles

The authentic Dandan noodles can also be eaten in Chongqing (always contained in China travel deals). The dish is made up of preserved vegetables, chili oil, minced pork and chopped scallions. In the past, the noodles were sold by walking street vendors who carried a shoulder pole (dan dan) with two baskets containing noodles and sauces at the either end. So the noodle got its name, Dandan Noodles.

Jiangtuan Fish

Located along Jialing River, Chongqing abounds in varieties of aquatic product. Among them, Jiangtuan Fish is a must-try for tourists. The fish is usually served steamed or baked.

Cross-the-bridge Wonton (pinyin: guo qiao hun tun)

It is famous for its unique eating way. When eating, wonton should be picked out and placed in the sauce. The wonton is characterized by tender and refreshing. You can choose different flavor according to you preference. Many tourists who have China tours must taste Wonton because of its fame.

Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce (pinyin: kou shui ji)

Steamed Chicken with chili sauce is the famous cold dish in Chongqing. The flavor of the dish is spicy, tasty and refreshing. The chickens for dish must be homebred rooster. The tasty flavor lies in the selected ingredients. Where to Eat in Chongqing

Food Streets

Nanbin Road Food Street

Located along Yangtze River, it is a very popular food street in Chongqing. Besides the local cuisines and snacks such as hot pot in Chongqing, other cuisines throughout China gather here. There are many teahouses and bars here. The view here is very unmatched.

Address: Nanbin Road, Nanan District How to get to: Take bus No. 872, 873, 347 to Haitang Xiaoyue Stop.

Ciqikou Ancient Town (one of destinations of top China tours)

The reason that the town attracts tourist not only lies in the long history and its quaint houses but also the authentic local snacks and cuisine. The restaurants with different size and about 60 teahouse scatter across the town. The most famous dish in the town is Maoxuewang which is a dish of boiled blood curd, spices and others with spicy sauce. It is said that the journey to Ciqikou is incomplete without tasting Maoxuewang.

How to get to: Take bus No.202, 220, 237, 261, 467, 503, 802, 808 to Ciqikou

Three Gorge Square

Comparing with other food street in Chongqing, Three Gorge Square takes larger area and the restaurants are high-grade. The well-known restaurants here include Tao Ran Ju, Qinma, Su Da Jie and De Zhuang, etc. Address: Three Gorge Square, Sha Ping Ba How to get to: Take Bus No.210, 503, 502 to Chengjiawan Stop.

If you need more info about Chongqing food,you can contact with China tour agents.

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