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Top 10 gourmet cities in China II


Nanjing's cuisine is also referred to as Jing-Su cuisine. This alternate name originates from the combination of the city names of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province (always contained in China tour deals ) and Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province. This cuisine features a careful and prominent selection of ingredients, attractive colors and impressive fragrances. Although there are various kinds of ingredients in Nanjing, the many diverse duck dishes are still crowd pleasers.

Developed over 1,400 years of history, duck cooking skills in Nanjing have provided salted ducks, boiled salted ducks, braised ducks and salty duck gizzard. Each has its own unique character; Jinling even has its own kind of roast duck. Nanjing is also home to eight famous freshwater products, fish, lotus roots, cress and lotus seeds are just half of them, all of which are popular foods during Mid Autumn Festival.

Many famous restaurants provide delicious Nanjing dishes, such as Lao Zheng Xing Restaurant, Ma Xiang Xing Restaurant and Da San Yuan Restaurant. Additionally, there are three famous food streets in Nanjing including Shiziqiao Food Street (Lion's Bridge), Fuzimiao Street and Hanfu Street.


The cooking skills employed in Hunan's cuisine reached high standards as early as the Western Han Dynasty over 2,100 years ago. Since Changsha (a destination for popular China tours) is the provincial capital of Hunan Province, this city is home to many authentic dishes. Hunan cuisine in Changsha is characterized by its hot and sour flavors, fresh aroma, greasiness, deep coloring and the prominence of the main flavor in each dish. Main cooking methods include stewing, frying, pot-roasting, braising and smoking.

Famous Changsha dishes include Dong'an Chicken, Mala ziji (Hot-spiced and Peppered Fledgling Chicken), Lawei hezheng (Assorted Cured Meat) and Fermented Bean Curd.


As the provincial capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, a famous place to see panda for your top 10 China tours, offers authentic Sichuan cuisine. Sichuanese cuisine is the most famous among China's four major styles of cooking and features delicious spiciness, unique numbing and aromatic flavors.

If one were to talk about Sichuanese food, many people, even foreigners would be familiar with many of the dishes' names like double cooked pork slices, Mapo Tofu (Mapo beancurd), Boiled beef and Fish flavored fried pork-slices.

Don't make the mistake that only star-rated restaurants offer the best dishes there are to be had, many ordinary or small restaurants provide tasty Sichuan cuisine. Not only are these locations less expensive, but they also are a delightful variety of snacks.


Chongqing, a starting place for Yangtze River tour, is one of the birthplaces of Sichuan' cuisine. As one of the main representations of Sichuanese cuisine, the dishes in the city of Chongqing integrate the advantages of other cuisines to create over 4,000 dishes, including Chongqing’s world famous Cattle's Tripe Hotpot as well as Chongqing snacks.

Getting a feel for Chongqing's food culture, eating Sichuanese cuisine, trying local snacks and having a Chongqing hotpot dinner are popular things that domestic and foreign visitors do while traveling in Chongqing. There are many choices to choose from including spicy plates or nutritionally delicate foods, depending on one's tastes.

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