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Top and Must-see attractions in Kunming

As the capital of Yunan Province, Kunming boasts time-honored history and mesmerizing scenery, which is an important tourist city in China, so that it should be contained in your last minute China travel deals. Kunming has much to offer to visitors, from the overwhelming Stone Forest, enchanting West Hill, breathtaking Jiuxiang Scenic Area, impressive Golden Temple, to mysterious Black Dragon Pool, mesmerizing Daguan Park, and enthralling Dianchi Lake. Dishes in Kunming are quite unique, the Over the Bridge Rice Noodles, Steamed Pot Chicken, Er Kuai (Rice Cake) and Smoked Smelly Bean Curd would be a great feast to your taste bud. Kunming travel Guide offers the spectrum of useful Kunming travel information. Such information as Kunming attractions, Kunming tour, Kunming food, Kunming tour, Kunming map, things to do in Kunming as well as best time to visit Kunming are all included in our Kunming travel guide. Hope this Kunming travel guide would bring much help for your Kunming travel.

Stone Forest

Situated in Lunan County, Stone Forest is 100 kilometers far from Kunming City. Being a well-reviewed scenic spot of top 10 China toursin China, Stone Forest is composed of 7 scenic districts and occupies more than 400 square kilometers in coverage, which is crowned as "the greatest world wonder" and "the stone forest museum". The favorable climate, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer, makes it a great place to spend a holiday. It is one of the four greatest attractions in China, together with the Forbidden City in Beijing, Terracotta Army in Xian and the mesmerizing Guilin. No China trip is complete without visiting this great wonder.

Billions of years ago, the site of the Stone Forest used to be boundless sea, where plenty of limestone was accumulated. Because of geological evolution and tectonic movement, the grotesque Stone Forest is created under heaven. The stone forest area is packed with grotesque stones, which seem to break the earth simultaneously, standing solemnly and magnificently. Some stones are as high as 40 meters, while some are only several meters high. On sunny day, the stones forest is off-white, while brown-black on rainy days. Immersing in the stone forest, visitors would be rewarded with the authentic beauty of nature and profound custom of local flavor.

Daguan Park

Daguan Park is perched in the west of Kunming City, neighboring the captivating Dianchi Lake, which should not missed for your China tour packagesin Kunming. The park is known for the grand Daguan Pavilion and the long couplet inside, facing West Hill Park on the other side. Gaguan Park is just a breathtaking unfolded scroll where trees, flowers, pavilions, bridges and waters blend to each other harmoniously. Standing on the Daguan Pavilion, visitors could command a panoramic view of the park, water in Dianchi Lake rippling below and scenery of West Hill showing in distance. The magnificent pavilion, clusters of flowers and lush trees make Daguan Park a great place for relaxation.

Daguan Pavilion was built in 1696, in the reign of Kangxi Period in Qing dynasty. During Qianlong Period, Sun Ranweng, a poor scholar, visited Daguan Pavilion and wrote a long couplet for it. The couplet consists of 180 Chinese characters, and it is believed to be the longest couplet in the world. The couplet has two parts, the first part praising the inviting scenery of Kunming, and the second part recalling the 2000 years history of Yunan. It is the long couplet that makes Daguan Daguan Park world-known.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple, also referred as Taihe Palace and Bronze Tile Temple, is perched on Mingfeng Hill (Singing Phoenix Hill) in northeast of Kunming City. It is a well-known Taoist temple in Yunnan since Ming dynasty. Since the temple is made of bronze, which glitters like gold under the sun, it is named as "Golden Temple". Golden temple is one of the four largest bronze-made temples in China and it is the best-preserved and most important one among them.

The temple was first built in 1602 during Ming Dynasty, imitating the Taihe Palace in Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province which also attracts so many tourists for popular China tour package. In 1637, the temple was removed to the top of Jizu Mountain in Binchuan County for political reasons The Golden Temple situated on the Mingfeng Mountain now was rebuilt by Wu Sangui, a satrap in Qing Dynasty.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Located in Yiliang County of Yunnan Province, Jiuxiang Scenic Area is 40 kilometers far from Yiliang County and 90 kilometers far from Kunming City. It is composed of five scenic districts: Diehong Bridge, Sanjiao Caves, Dasha Dam, Alu Long and Mingyue Lake, covering 175 square kilometers in area. Diehong Bridge Scenic District is open to public and the other four are still under construction.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area is perched in mountainous area, where Yi ethnic minority and Hui ethnic minority are inhabited. Jiuxiang scenic area is blessed with lofty mountain ranges, criss-cross rivers and verdant trees. Taking karst cave as its major tourist attraction, Jiuxiang is crowned as "museum of karst caves", whose caves are large in scale, time-honored in history, diversified in shapes and jaw-dropping in scenery. The caves in Jiuxiang fall into 4 cave clusters: Sanjiao Cave, Dashang Cave, Diehong Cave and Dasha Dam Cave, each of which enjoys its own features.

Besides these attractions, other famous attractions around Kunming should not be missed for your China tour packages.


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