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Xinjiang tour story: the legend of the red date in Ruoqiang Town

The Loulan red date made in Ruoqiang Town is very famous of its crispness, daintiness and sweet. It’s a popular gift among most people’s Xinjing tour, part of Silk Road tours. The high quality of it thanks to the temperature difference in the day and night and the directed wind from Altun Mountain and the Lop Desert. Also, there is a legend about it.

According to the folk story, there was a young man who was so lazy that none of the girls would marry him. One day, a thought suddenly came out that he should go out and find a wife. So he took off, but he got lost soon after he left the Washixia Village. He kept walking for three days and he was still in the desert. He was very thirsty and hungry, which would soon kill him.

The fourth day he changed the direction, and he found a date tree after half-day’s walking. He ate several dates and then took a nap under the tree. The date tree turned alive in him dream and asked him:”There’s a person forwardly whose parents are died and is unable to bury, what will you do?” During these day’s hardships, he already became very kind, so after he woke up he ran to the place that the date tree told him in the dream, and he did find a young man crying in front of his dead parents. Then he helped this young man bury his parents, and suddenly found that this young man was a girl after his hat fell off. If you have a China tour in Xinjiang, you should know the story.

The girl thought he was a nice person so wanted to marry him. He went back to the date tree and took a nap again. The date tree told him in the dream that this place was a nice place and he could decide by himself. So he married this girl and worked hard in the desert, which created an oasis where was full of red date trees. And the red dates there were especially delicious.

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