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Mt. Huashan Trek Guide

Trek route

This is a brief description of the Mt. Huashan trekking route divided into three sections. Mt Hua is also a destination for Silk Road tours.

1st section: Foot of Mt. Huashan (Yuquan Yuan)-->Huixin Rock-->North Peak

Road conditions: Winding Road from Yuquan Yuan to Qingke Ping

Stone Stairway from Qingke Ping to Huxin Rock

Precipitous ladders from Huxin Rock to North Peak

2nd section: North Peak-->Jinsuo Guan

Road conditions: Precipitous ladders

3rd section: Jinsuo Guan-->Top of the rest Main Peaks

Road conditions: Flat Road and some ladders.

You have the option of three ways to start out on the first section. The first option is to start trekking from Yuquan Yuan at the west gate of Mt. Huashan (a place for your China best tours ) where you can view nearly all the important sightseeing spots along the first section. The second option is to take the cable car from the east gate direct to the North Peak. This saves you some of physical effort at the beginning enabling you to view as much as possible of the scenery of the five main peaks. The third option is to start trekking from the east gate on foot. Few of people take this option as the entire route means climbing the stone stairway and there are few of sightseeing spots along the way.

Now let's explain the trekking trail in more detail, as tourists usually will adopt one or the other of two ways to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Mt. Huashan. Should you have a tight schedule, just take one day for your exploration. This will require departure from Xian at 08:00 in the morning to arrive at Mt. Huashan (Yuquan Yuan) at 10.00 am. Take the bus (CNY10) to the east gate of Mt. Huashan where the cable car will take you up to the North Peak in only 7-8 minutes. This ride is more than 1500 meters long and runs from 07:00 until 19:00 (Apr to Oct) but only from 09:00 until 17:00 (Nov to Mar). The charge is CNY80 per person for one way and CNY150 per person for the round trip. From the North Peak, you have a series of paths to reach the remaining four peaks. You will have 3 to 5 hours trekking time but ensure you are in good time for the last cable car down the mountain to avoid being stranded.

Trekkers, who want to reach the East Peak to watch the sunrise, can climb from Yuquan Yuan at night. Having watched the sunrise, you can visit the Middle Peak, South Peak, West Peak and return to Jinsuo Guan to the foot of the mountain. This one way trip needs about 8-10 hours and this is also considered as a relatively safer way for nervous climbers because they will avoid seeing the dangerous cliffs in the dark but they will miss out on some of the sightseeing highlights as a consequence.

So if you plan to visit Xian, you can consider to contain it in your popular China tour package.

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