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Longevity Paradise—Bama

Bama County is situated in the Northwestern part of GuangXi Province (a popular destination included in affordable China travel packages). Covering an area of 1,971 Square Kilometers, with a population of 238 thousand, Bama is home to twelve different ethnicities. Listed as the five officially certificated villages of longevity by the International Society of Natural Medicine in November 1991, Bama has the highest concentration of centenarians (People over 100) in the world: 58 out of 220,000 people, centenarians to total population. Bama, therefore has often been reputably referred to as the “Village of Longevity, Sanctuary of China.”

Bama terrain is mostly rocky and mountainous; farmland is very sacred and precious to the locals. The highest peak of Bama extends as far as 1,216 meters off of sea level, while the lowest point is 221 meters above. About the height of 600 to 800 meters, Bama is severed by the BanYang River, known to locals as the River of Life, running from north to south.

Bama is located in a tropical area, with an annual temperature of 20.4 C. and weather relatively mild and gentle throughout the year. Proven by studies, the air of Bama is especially natural and refreshing. Researches show that negative ions, which are highly beneficial to the people body, is vastly abundant in the atmosphere of Bama. With 2,500 in every cubic centimeter, and thirty plus thousand in the upper atmospheres of the Banyang River and the villages, it is 100 to 750 times the amount of Beijing City.

Bama is also home to great historic events. During the 20's and 30's, it was headquarters for many of the most renowned revolutionary leaders, like Deng XiaoPing, Zhang YungMing, and Dian PuoQuen. It was here, where strategies and central planning was discussed. Here you can also learn some history about China to color your    popular China travel package.

Due to Bama's mountainous terrains, living conditions are very poor. However, in the village of BaTun, a population of 515, is now home to amazingly 7 hundred year old seniors, exceeding the United Nation's longevity mark by 200 times. (UN requires an longevity village to have 7 hundred year old seniors out of a population of 20,000) Due to the lack of educational funding and facilities, children in Bama start school at a late age of 10. Only when they reach the stage of high school, would they be expose to T.V., radios, or other mediums of communication. But statistics show a level of educational success that is unmatchable by many metropolitans; there is practically a teacher in every household, two kids accepted into the world renowned Qinghua University, four others are currently studying abroad, etc.

The village of Bama is listed as one of the ten best traveling sites of the GuangXi. On this mysterious land, a place full of attractions, the Bai Muo dong (Name number one cave of the world by British Royal Discovery Team), the surreal Zihu lake, the preserved natural forest,and many many more, together with exotic Yao tribe customs, create a rich, must-see traveling site included in package of China best tours.

In addition to its mystery, Bama is also an area of abundance in nature products. The roast pork of Bama, pearl-like corn, its sesame goat, banana noodles, just to name a few, are selected by the international medical community as the “Green longevity products”.Major natural resources of Bama include Zinc, Iron, Gold, Antimony, etc.

Foundational construction for Bama is moving rapidly. Located on the intersection of City 323 Line and State 323, it is chokehold to Southwestern China, 70 Kilometers from the NangQuen railroads. The city is continuously improving its water, electricity, transportation, and communication systems. Banks, insurance, commerce, hospitals, broadcasting and computer web institutions are well established and accessible.

Benefiting the Chinese National Southern Development Encouragement scheme, Bama is enjoying many beneficial national policies. Simultaneously, the municipal government of Bama, has also adjusted a set of more fitting, and state-orientated decrees. Aiming to attract domestic and foreign investors, Bama welcomes you to come to relax during vacations and enjoy the celestial sites. Local China tourism also make contribution to the development of economy.

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