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Things to Know Before Visiting China

China is a very fascinating country that presents a few drawbacks, mostly because of the language and of the communist regime. Still, there is something about this country that makes is unique and particularly fascinating to many travelers. Some may say it’s an entirely different culture than what we’re used to, with a long history and interesting people. So here’s a few particularities you might want to know before visiting China.

The Chinese language is difficult because any word can be pronounced in five different ways to have up to five different meanings. You can imagine it gets pretty confusing sometimes. Avoid speaking it unless you have no other choice and keep in mind a few basic Chinese words such as: ”thank you” (“She She”), “qing” (“please”), “hello” (“Nee How”), ” wov bù míng bái / wov bù dovng” (“I do not understand”), “how are you?” (“Nee Hi How Ma”), and “great” (“Hi How”).

To enter the country, you need a visa, which you can get from the Chinese embassy in your country. You also need a valid passport that does not expire before you leave the country. If you’re planning on visiting Tibet, be informed that you will require a Tibetan Entry Permit which is a must for your China vacation deals in Tibet. It takes 10-15 days to receive the papers and your visa is not guaranteed.

For shopping, keep in mind that many merchants speak English. If not, you can always use signs to communicate. In China, almost everything is negotiable so try to bargain for what you buy. Be polite, smile and you can get even a 50% discount.

Being such a populated country, you might encounter one or several lines; people are use to queuing when having to buy or when in need of a service for popular China travel package . Don’t be surprised if one of these situations arise and remember to be patient.

In China, the ground you walk on is considered dirty. That is why it is required that you change your shoes when entering a house. Putting one’s feet on a table or a chair is generally considered offensive. If you need to climb to reach something, take your shoes off and leave your socks on.

Tipping is not expected from you as a tourist.You can tip the hotel staff if they’ve done a good job, but you aren’t obligated to. Tipping is not part of the Chinese culture, as opposed to that of Western societies, and can sometimes be considered an insult.

When handing something, like a business card or a newspaper, it is considered polite to use both of your hands. Also, accept any gift or item in the same way. Give it a quick glance before tucking it in your pocket.

This basic information should help you on your China best tours . As with any place you visit, be polite, friendly and don’t wear flashy jewelry.

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