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Things to do in Hangzhou I

The following is the things you can do in Hangzhou, the tourist destination for last minute China travel deals.

1. Wulin Road

If you are looking for night life as shopping district, dinning, spa, and etc. Wulin District is the perfect location to do that. It is away from Xihu. You can take bus 28 from Xihu, or Taxi costs you around Y15.

If you prefer to stay away from Xihu, this area might be an alternative. Plenty of nice hotels.

When I was there, the metro was under construction.

2. Eat a bowl of Lan Zhou La Mian

Okay, I'm absolutely enamoured with this simple meal of a bowl of freshly pulled noodles, garnished with thinly sliced beef or lamb and Chinese coriander and parsley, in hot, piping soup...


Lan Zhou La Mian is a chain of small noodle shops that are Halal as they are run by the Muslim Chinese. You can find this chain in Shanghai (travel city for best tours of China) and Hainan as well... didn't look for it when I was in Beijing and Suzhou the last time... but it's here in Hangzhou too.

For just about 5 yuan a bowl (plus or minus a yuan, depending on the location), this is a superb bowl of noodles that will fill your tummy with all it's delicious goodness.

I first tasted this in Shanghai in Jan 2007 and have never forgotten it -- after all, when I first tried this, it was in cold winter... :) A bowl always reminds me of the beautiful time I had in winter in Shanghai...

La Mian (hand-pulled noodles) is just amazing as they are freshly made and pulled out of a lump of dough on the spot, making the noodles extra springy in texture.

Hope you find it just as delightful! :)

3. Take a Boat Ride

A relaxing and fun activity to take a boat ride that's paddled across the lake by a boatman.

The boat can sit up to 4 - 6 pax (depending on your size) and it's an idyllic way to spend some time to enjoy the view and the weather.

There are also boats you can rent to paddle yourself, but I think having a relaxing ride in the boat is more enjoyable :)

There are super big ferries but these tend to be very crowded -- especially during Peak China travel periods... when I was there in Apr, it was very crowded with lots of mainland tourists visitng Hangzhou as well in large tour groups!

4. Impression Hangzhou by Zhang Yimou

This is the best attraction because it's just magical how they transform a portion of the lake into a fantastical stage!

Enjoy the dramatic show featuring a universal story-line of love lost and gained in a number of short vignettes, each as stunning and impressive as the other.

I was there in April and the weather was still chilly in the evening -- you will be seated along the bank of the West Lake and you will have a full view of the 'stage'.

It's an amazing combination of musical, lights and water -- jazzed up to complement compelling stories...

I super recommend this as I found it such a beautiful and innovative use of technology to bring the West Lake to a new level of entertainment.

(p.s. I heard that the one in Guilin (Liu San Jie) is better, but have not seen it yet...)

5.West Lake

Hangzhou West Lake is the most impressive and famous one. This partially man made lake was shaped throughout the centuries by the many Chinese dynasties that ruled the empire, specially Wuyue Kingdom and the Southern Song Dynasty and was one of the favorite imperial retreats.

The lake occupies an area of around 6 km square and resembles a lot like a large and impressive Chinese garden that beautifully integrates with the surrounding mountains, serene forests, stone caves, and ancient buildings.

Hangzhou West Lake is also famous for its rich cultural history and is associated with many national heroes, scholars and revolutionary martyrs and had Marco Polo, the Italian explorer, among its visitors.

6. Explore the West Lake via Cycling

Why not cycling around the West Lake? Fyi, below is one route around the Lake: rent a bike at the Pubic Bicycle Service, start your cycling from The No.1 Lakeside Park at the beginning of Nanshan road(South of West Lake--->West Lake Xintiandi, Yong Jing Park, West Lake Museum, King Qian's Temple--->Orioles Singing in the Willows--->Xue Shi Park--->Long Bridge Park,Leifeng Pagoda, Jing Ci Temple, Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill, Taizi Bay Park---->Flower Pond--->Su Causeway, Mausoleum of General Yue Fei--->Beihan Road, Xiling Seal Society, Zhejiang Provincial Museum--->Solitary Hill, Bai Causeway, Broken Bridge--->the No. 6 Lakeside Park, Hu Bin Business Street--->End and back the bike. You will get a full day~~~^^ Just don't forget to carry with your passport for rental enregistering. Good experience in Hangzhou^^

Hangzhou is very top and best destination in China for popular China travel package.

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