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What to do in Foshan

When visiting Foshan for your China vacation deals, you can do the following things.

1. Shiwan Ceramics

visit the Ancient Nanfeng kiln, i firat viaited in the early 90's and again in Feb. 2010 the latter with my cousin who live in Shunde District (顺德区), this kiln has been used continuously for 500 years.
Growing up in an era, whee the little Shiwan figurines were incorporated into miniature garden,
the details in these 1-5cm figurines and buildings never failed to amuse me.

2. Foshan's Zumiao Temple

No tour to Zumiao Temple, no tour to Foshan. The Zumiao Temple, located at the central area of Chancheng District, at it was said, was founded during Yuanfeng period of North Song Dynasty (1078-1085), wherein Emperor Yuantian in north China was worshiped by the Taoists.

With an occupying area of 3500 sq.m, the Zumiao Temple is composed of such buildings as Wanfu Platform, Lingyin Torii, Jinxiang Pond, Zhonggu Garret, Three Gates, Front Hall, Main Hall and Qingzhen Garret, etc in line with the central axial. Prior to setting up local administrations in Qing Dynasty, Zumiao Temple, other than a simple one, was a place aimed at discussing official business. All of its construction materials, or even decorations and furnishings were donated by various industries and mainly produced locally. Typically, Zumiao Temple reflected of the famous foundry and potting handicraft industry in Foshan history. In turn, the refinement and beauty of its architecture reflected of the prosperity of ancient Foshan. In deed, it's a precious historical heritage of Foshan (an optional destination for popular China tour package).

3. Farmer's house

Some farmers in Shunde live in this kind of house. The house is built on the side of the rearing pond, and has a small road for entry.

See the bubble in the rearing pond? They use a machine to make it in order to increase oxygen for the fish.

4. Traffic

In fact, no meaning to this pic for you, I show it here just to share my experience with you --- yes, I lost my way here two weeks ago, when I went to Shunde, because I fell asleep on the bus. :-(

When you go from GZ to Foshan city center, you must be cafeful on the road when you taking the bus. I mean, lots of buses go from GZ to Foshan, and the last station is Xi Chao. If you arrive there, you will have passed Foshan long before. So, just tell the bus driver where you want to get off when you're taking the bus, don't be lazy. ^_~

Actually, I discovered something very interesting here too. See the big high speed-way in the pic? This is a stretch of it here in Shang Yuan village. There isn't any obvious marker to tell you where to find the bus station. But you can stand by the road side to wait for the No.36/No.34 buses or ask the local person for directions.

And don't worry for your China tour in Foshan, if you really can't find the way to go to Foshan in this road, there is still another choice. There are lots of buses that go back to GZ on this road and the drivers are so dependable --- they always stop their bus alongside you and ask you whether you want to go to GZ.

5. Zhu Temple, Qinhui Yard, Walk Street

One of the most famous place that shouldn't-missed-outlooking. It can show you the foshan's culture, it's in the centre of Foshan.
The China temple, just like the church in western, you can see everywhere in china especially in countryside.
There's Baolin Temple and Xishan Temple are famous as well in Shunde.
If visit Shunde, of course, you shouldn't miss the Qinhui Yard, and Walk Street. In Qinhui Yard, what you can feel not only the Foshan's Culture but also the Chinese culture, you can see you Chinese tradition building, the art ect, make you feel you are in the ancient China.

After visiting Foshan, you can consider to visit other ancient cities of towns like Xian (starting city for Silk Road tour ), Beijing, Wuzhen, etc.

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