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The General Info about Chonqing Culture

Nestled on the steep hill overlooking the confluence of Yangtze River and Jialing River, Chongqing spend its most day covered in fog so that it is dubbed as "fog city". Chongqing area shelters 55 nationalities of China and Han nationality accounts for the largest population. In ancient times, Chongqing (famous tourist city for last minute China travel deals )was the capitals of Ba State (a small kingdom is the southwest before Qing Dynasty) and Daxia Dynasty (founded in the late Yuan Dynasty). During anti-Japanese war, Chongqing was set up as the temporary capital. Due to its long history, many cultural relics and intangible heritages were left behind.

Bayu Culture

Bayu Culture

Bayu culture is one of most distinctive cultures in the regions of middle and upper Yangtze River (Yantze River tour)reaches. Evolved from Ba culture, it was formed in the development of Ba ethnic group and Ba State. The Ba ethnic group lived in the area enclosed by the mountains and rivers from generation to generation. Due to the tough and dangerous living condition, Ba people gradually formed the character of hardiness, toughness and braveness.

Yangtze River Boatmen Song

Yangtze River Boatmen Song

Yangtze River Boatmen Song or Haozi of Yangtze River Boatmen is considered as a "living fossil of Yangtze culture". As for the reason of existance of Yangtze River Song, the historical background must be mentioned. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the area of Ba Kingdom was rich in salt which had to be transported by boat. Due to the undeveloped shipbuilding skills in ancient time, the large boat had to be pulled upstream by the efforts of rhythmically swaying teams of laborers on the riverbank. The Haozi had the function of coordinating their word. They used to get naked during working due to the heat and to keep their clothes dry. Now they wear shorts and woven rope sandals. For make a living, the trackers along Yangtze River had to do this job day after day.

Traditional Construction

The special topography also affects the construction in Chongqing. Chongqing features the traditional stilted houses (Diaojiaolou) which are supported by wood columns. The history of Diaojiaolou (which should not be missed for your popular China tours) can be traced back to Han Dynasty (202BC - 220AD). The characteristics of the construction are to ventilate and prevent snakes and wild animals.

Traditional Art

The traditional art in Chongqing can be best represented by Dazu Rock Carvings. Dazu Rock Carvings are a series of carvings and sculptures. Dating back as far as 7th AD Century, Dazu Rock Carvings depict the images of Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist. The number of the carvings and sculptures reaches over 100 thousand. It were listed as a World Heritage Site in 1999.

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