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Top 10 commercial streets in China II

Top 4: Ximending in Taipei

Located in the northeast of Wanhua District, Taipei City, Ximending is an important shopping and leisure district, as well as the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan . As the most popular leisure district in Taiwan, Ximending has over 20 theaters and 6,000 vendors. Venues hold small concerts and record pre-sales almost every week. In addition, the local snacks are unmissable. The most famous ones include oyster omelets, braised pork rice, beef noodles, pan-fried buns and bubble tea.

Top 3: Wangfujing in Beijing

Located in Dongcheng District of Beijing, Wangfujing is one of the country's most popular shopping streets, as well as one of its most famous. The street, which is about 1,500 meters long, boasts a large number of old and famous shops, like the Shengxifu hat store, the Ruifuxiang silk store and the Wuyutai tea house. It also has a snack street that runs through the hutongs just west of the main street, where a variety of street food can be purchased and sampled.

Top 2: Nanjing Road in Shanghai
Nanjing Road is not only the most famous commercial street in Shanghai which is the must-see for China vacation deals - it has also been designated"China's No. 1 Commercial Street." It consists of Nanjing East Road (including Nanjing Road pedestrian street) and Nanjing West Road. Nanjing East Road is known for fair price products and tourism. Nanjing West Road is famous for luxury product and high-end service. As one of the hottest tourist destinations in Shanghai, its variety of products and considerate service attract numerous travelers from China and abroad.


Top 1: Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Causeway Bay is the main commercial and leisure distict in Hong Kong (learn more aobut it via Hong Kong city guide), boasting a variety of shopping malls, including 13-story Japanese department store Sogo, Times Square and World Trade Centre. Rent for retailers in Causeway has been the world's highest since it surpassed that of New York's Fifth Avenue in 2012. The area also includes a number of outdoor spaces, like Victoria Park and Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Visitors to the area can also enjoy night views of the bay from Typhoon Shelter sculling boats, which tourists agree is an amazing experience.


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