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Do You Know the 13 Strange Customs of People in Yunnan?

Each region of local has its own folkways or customs that may not be understood by us strangers, so we consider them odd or incredible. The people in Yunnan which is the best destination for China travel deals are no exception. Let’s see if they have been keeping any strange customs.
1. Eggs Sold in Bundles
People in Longlin County of Baoshan area are used to tying egg vertically and horizontally up into a bar with rice straw and sell them in bars in the market.
2. Young Girls called "Old Lady"
People in Xiaguan and Chuxiong call unmarried girls (normally from fourteen to eighteen years old)"old lady”. It is said that such address embodies intimacy and goodwill to wish her good health, which has become a customs.
3. Pies called "Ear Piece"
Ear piece is one of Yunnan's special -flavor foods. It is made of rice in shape of thin pies. Apart from ear piece, rice noodle, flat rice noodle and so forth are local favorite non-staple food. It can be boiled or fried and the famous speciality "Teng Chong Dajiu Jia” actually is stir-fried thick rice noodle.
3. Key Hung on Waist -belts?
The Dai women in southern Yunnan like wearing long skirts with silver belts, on which keys are hung. It is a rule that only married women are allowed to hang keys. Because wearing a belt with keys shows one in capable of running the household.
4. Straw Hats Used as Cooker Covers
Hardworking and honest countrymen weave every day necessities shoes, fans, hats, baskets, cooker covers and so on with bamboo and paddy stems.
5. Girls Wear Flowers in all Seasons
The weather is like that of eternal spring in most regions of Yunnan. As the capital of the province, Kunming (learn more via Kunming travel guide) city has a state of ecstasy as “the whole year us February and March while endless flowers and twigs are at all times”, therefore, it is named as “Spring City “in China. Fresh flowers can be seen in any season and floral industry becomes a main economic industry here.
6. Non-slanting Walls Built with Cobbles
People draw on local resources to build houses along river bands in the countryside. Cobbles as a building material make wall neat and creates a unique local architecture.
7. Green Vegetables Called Bitter Vegetables
Green vegetables are grown in up southern part of the province that is a kind of thin featherlike overlapping vegetables like vanilla. Its name comes from old customs but not from its taste.
8. Bamboo Used as Smoking Pipe
Smoking bag is also called "Tobacco Tube" which is a typical local smoking utensil used mostly in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces. Its length is from a half to one meter while its diameter varies from five to ten centimeter. People put cut tobacco on the bamboo tube, the lower part of which in filled with water, and smoke. Gurgling sound is heard when one smokes from bamboo tube mouth.
9. Tea Leaves Sold in Piles
The Jinpo minority group in Luxi county of Dehong prefecture in Xishuangbanna (very hot travel place for top China tours) sells tea leaves by piles instead of using scales.
10. The Same Dress for Four Seasons
The weather in most part of Yunnan is always like that in spring and the alternation of seasons is not obvious. So people dress themselves without distinct seasonal characteristics.
11. Girls Hang Tobacco Bags
The Lisu minority girls have a habit of smoking and chewing tobacco so that most married or unmarried females hang tobacco bags on their waist belts. They present bags to one another with respect on the occassion of union to show kindness and intimacy that gradually becomes a necessary entertainment to their guests.
12. Toes Show Outside
Some people from the mountainous areas wear straw shoes with holes all year round since the four seasons are mild.

13. Three Mosquitoes Make up a Dish
There are non poisonous mosquitoes with long legs in Yunnan. They look so big at the first glance that outsiders say "three mosquitoes make up a dish" for fun.
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