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Famous Natural Sights of China for your fantastic travel

China has rich natural resources. Besides famous landscapes such as Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie, and the Huanglong Scenery Zone that have all been listed in World Natural Heritage, (regarding world heritage, there is a special introduction in "China Nature and World Heritage" on this web site) there are numerous attractive scenic sites in China. For example, Guilin in the southwest, Changbai Mountain in the northeast, Siguniang Mountain in Guizhou, the tropical Xishuangbanna (it is most popular and always contained in affordable China travel packages) in Yunnan and Coco Island View in Hainan Island are all worth visiting.

Guilin Landscape

Guilin has a mild and humid climate and is located in Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southwest China. There is no freezing winter or extremely hot summer; the annual average temperature is 19 oC.

Guilin boasts a good natural ecology environment and one of must-sees for top 10 China tours. According to geological research, Guilin did not exist 300 million years ago. Due to the movement of the earth's crust, the deposit lime rock was raised to become land. Years of airslake and water erosion created the graceful peak forest, deep and remote water-eroded caves and mythical underground rivers. These land formations combined with the charming Li River and beautiful scenery have formed the unique, world famous "Guilin Landscape", honored "No.1 Landscape in the World" with "green mountains, graceful water, odd caves and charming rocks".

2110 years of history has resulted in a rich history for Guilin. There are now 109 Key Cultural Relics Protection Organizations at national, autonomous regional or municipal levels. Decades of scholars highly praised the poesy of the Guilin scenery, Buddhism statues and caves all over the mountains. "Stele Forest of Guilin Sea" and "Moya Engraving of West Hill" are the two most famous. The well-known scenery spots include Green Lotus Peak, Seven Star Park, Longsheng Hot Springs, Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill.

Today, there are 28 international star hotels, 18 international travel agencies and over 1,000 guides and interpreters speaking foreign languages in Guilin. In recent years, the tourism infrastructure has been improved. There are more than 40 direct flight courses to domestic and international cities.

Famous Natural Landscape of ChinaChangbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain, located in Jilin Province northeast of China, is the border mountain between North Korea and China. It is also the origin of Tumen River, Yalu River and Songhua River. The vast forest sea and its unique animal residents resulted in its inclusion in the UN International Biology Protection Zone early in 1980. Today, Changbai Mountain has become the National 4A Landscape Zone of China.

Called "No. 1 Mountain in Guandong", Changbai Mountain is also the most famous mountain in northeastern China. Historically, Changbai Mountain has long been the living and working place of northeasterners. It was also the birthplace of Manchu people. Therefore, in the Qing Dynasty, it was called "Sacred Land". It has since become a world famous tourist attraction and become important part of China tourism.

Changbai Mountain was named due to the white pumice and snow on its main peak. As a dormant volcano, it was recorded having erupted 3 times since the 16th century. The unique landform of Changbai Mountain is magnificent. Famous sights include Heavenly Pool, Yue Birch Forest, Underground Forest, Beauty Pines, Grand Canyon, Gaoshan Garden, Main Peak, Hot Spring, Black Wind Mouth and Pumice Forest.

Changbai Mountain is the major production site for three treasures of the northeast: ginseng, marten and deer antler. Many rare biological resources are in the mountain such as plants like beauty pines, mountain grape, wild mushrooms and Jindalai. There are also animals, such as the northeast tiger and red-crowned crane.

Transportation around Changbai Mountain is very convenient. You may easily take a flight from Bejing, Shanghai (hot tourist city included in popular China travel package) or Shenyang to Yanji. Transit buses are available once you arrive. Hotels ranging in class and price can be found at various locations around the mountain. About 200 RMB will be charged for overnight stay in a quality hotel. However, around 10-40 RMB per night will get a bed in an average reception house.

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