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To travel the norhternmost China - Mohe

Mohe, it is said its water is as dark as ink and so it is called by the name (Mo, in Chinese, means ink). Mohe has a reputation of an emerald on the golden cockscomb (Chinese map likes a cock). Mohe is a town which is located in the northernmost border area of China and less visited for China tour deals. Because of its coldness and remoteness, Mohe has a nickname of “Chinese Arctic Town”. Mohe neighbors Heilongjiang River eastwards and neighbors DA HING GAN LING. Westwards. And there are mountains southwestwards and rivers around the mountains. So Mohe is a picture,which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. Mohe is located in the north latitude 53.5 degrees, which is a high latitude belt. And there are beautiful natural scenic spots like “bright night” and“northern lights”. In the north above Mohe there are often“northern lights”, which are charming and magnificent. When the“northern lights” begins to appear in the north, it is a luminous ring which is changing from a small one to a big one and its colors are changing differently and when it is the most magnificent the“northern lights” will move slowly towards the east and is changing from a big one to a small one and then is disappearing gradually. In a word , the scenic spot of the“northern lights” is a miracle in the world. The village of Luoguhe is located in the west 82 kilometers from Mohe, where Heilongjiang River is originated, which is the longest river in China. Along it, the cradle of Heilongjiang River, which is the mother river of Northeast China, can be found. And there are relics of the old gold road, from which tourists can understand the hardness of those gold diggers at that time. Because of its peculiar geographical locality and its natural resources like forests, the great boundary river and others, Mohe is including the charms of four seasons annually. When summer begins lots of travelers come here to visit scenic spots of the“northern lights” and the polar day for your China best tours.

Around Heilongjiang River (other famous river in China Yellow River and Yangtze River on which you can have Yantze River tour),the great boundary river between China and Russia, is originated from Mohe. And its water is clear, stretching unevenly. Along its banks the scenery is charming and exotic. A large stone tablet, on which there are four Chinese characters which means one end of China, is established along the river Many travelers like to take photos here. Going about 3 kilometers eastwards along the bank a tourist will find a building. Beside the building, there is the northernmost sentry post in China. Opposite the northernmost ?sentry post, on the north of Heilongjiang River, there is a small Russian lumbering village. Walking 4 kilometers along the above large stone tablet a tourist will find a house and it is said the house is located in the northernmost China. The primitive forest around Mohe is thriving and flouring where it is cool and fragrant. Expedition and camping are active there. In the meantime, because of its long history, there many relics happened in the time of Qing Dynasty (AD 1368- AD 1911)and the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (AD 1937-AD 1945). Among the relics, the old “Gold Road” and Rouge River are very famous. And the natural wild resources are very bountiful in Mohe. There are 400 kinds or so rare animals like sika deer, wild boars, brown bears, snow hares, pheasants, sables, roes, reindeer, red deer and others. The cold water fish in Heilongjiang River is well-known in the world. Mohe is also good places for hunting and fishing. The plants in Mohe are famous too, which are characterized by their natural nature, pureness, nobility and non pollution And many of the plants are materials for brewing wines and other drinks. Furthermore, edible mushroom, edible fungus, hedgehog hydnum and edible tender leaves of brakes are all over the area and there are more than three hundred kinds of valuable traditional Chinese medicines.

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