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Lazy Cities in China


Every city has its own unique cultural features and to some extent lazy can be understood as a leisurely life in the culture of China. If you have always led a busy and fast pace life ten you might dream of a lazy city for relieving the stress of your life and try a slow lifestyle.


The laziest city is Lijiang (a hot tourist destination for China vacation deals)especially during the winter days when the day breaks late at about 7 am which is still dark outside. This makes the locals of Lijiang Ancient Town to get up late at 10 am. There are people who go early to the bed at about 10 pm. So we can infer that the people sleep for about 12 hours and making it a lazy city.




Due to its laziness Lijiang has preserved and shown its classical and plain elegance to everyone staying here. There are numerous attractions worth visit which includes Shuhe Ancient Town, Lijiang Ancient Town, Lugu Lake, Jade Dragon Show Mountain, Baoshan Stone Village and Tiger Leaping Gorge (famours for adventure-lovers to have popular China tours). Most of the shopkeepers of this city are not local people and they are the people who have traveled to Lijiang once upon a time and have decided to stay in this graceful and peaceful city for enjoying lazy life.




Chengdu is another lazy city and the locals in Chengdu (new city of 72-hour Chinese visa) regard themselves as fishes and swim in the water of life. The game Majong which is a Chinese dominoes game is played by four people is the favorite activity of residents of Chengdu. The Wide and Narrow Alleys and Jinli Old Street is the two most attractive places for leisure in Chengdu. You will appreciate the architectural style of the ancient Chengdu and can taste a lot of street snacks. Gaint Panda breeding and Research Base, Gaint Buddha in Leshan and Mount Emei having profound religious culture and elegant landscape and Jiuzhaigou are main attraction for having a peaceful tour.


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