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General information on Rice Noodle Banquet in Guilin

Guilin Rice Noodle is one of the favorite foods for the local people of Guilin (popular destination for China travel deals). Guilin Rice noodles can be considered as one of the four treasures in Guilin with Guilin Chilli Sauce, Guilin Sanhua Wine and Guilin fermented bean curd. According to a foreigner, the first sentence of Guilin dialect he had learnt is the ‘Er liang mi fen’ which means ‘two liang Guilin Rice Noodle’. Liang is the unit of Chinese weight. Two Liang is approximately one bowl of rice noodle.

Rice Noodle Banquet

The Guilin Rice Noodle was invented in Qing Dynasty (learn more via China tour guide). You can still find some of the most primitive rice noodle squeezers in the Guilin Rice Noodle Culture and Art Center. During the period of Qing Dynasty, according to the Yao people who had participated in the construction of the Lin Canal, the Rice Noodle had been invented by Yao people at that time. The Northern soldiers came to South China and could not get used to eat the rice meals. That is why, the rice noodles was invented and was very much delicious for the soldiers. Later, the rice noodle has become popular all over Guilin as well as Yangshuo. In the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the Guilin Rice Noodle was developed to the peak.

How to eat

There areboth flat rice noodle and round rice noodles. The round rice noodles are more delicious for eating without soup and the flat one taste best with the soup.

You can put various other materials into the rice noodle. Soya beans, fried peanuts, pieces of beef, pork or horse meat can be added to the rice noodles depending on what kind of flavor you want. If you like chili, you can add them to your rice noodle. So you should not miss try it after popular China tour package.


Where to eat

It is very easy to find the shop in Guilin selling Rice Noodles while you are walking on the streets. The shops which are older have the more delicious Guilin Rice Noodles. At these shops, you can get the authentic Guilin Rice noodle at a very economic price. The food in Guilin is also the important element of local China tourism.

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