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Things to do on Sai Kung of Hong Kong

1. Fish Boat Market and yummy food in Sai Kung

I appreciate the way people in Hong Kong (learn more via Hong Kong travel guide) prepare their seafood. A charming little town called Sai Kung has some good restaurants that will have you coming back for more. Although a little steep in price given that many tourist frequent this place, Sai Kung has more than just seafood restaurants to offer.

It's fun eating at a seafood restaurent as u actually get to pick the seafood fresh from the aquariums of different prawns, lobsters, fishes and all sorts of sea creatures. My favourite dish to date is the cheese lobster ...yum!

After seafood (be sure to save some room in your tummy, you won't regret this!), head over to a restaurant called 'Moon Kei' where they serve some of the most interesting chinese delicacies that Hongkies have long prided themselves in. Moon Kei is a famous delicacy shop in Hong Kong where they sold over 40 types of 'thong sui' that are served cold or hot and comes in sweet or savoury flavour...Oh, be sure not to miss out the pancakes they have too! Might throw some of you off but nothing like a durian pancake...hahaha...

After a sumptious lunch, take a stroll along the pier and you will come across a most interesting scene. A 'live' fish market. You will see boat men marketing their fresh sea food (you should try to taste after Hong Kong tour) from boats with scores of customers littered along the pier selecting and haggling the price for their purchase. It's interesting to watch the whole process and to see how the boat men would pass the seafood via a 'basket' from their boats to the customers standing on the pier.

Sai Kung is overall a charming and relaxing get away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city. It sure is interesting to walk around and just look at the relatively quaint chinese shops.

2. Scub diving in Hoi Ha Bay - Marine park

After 1 year , the Government of Hk coorperate with the environmental association, the coral and the marine organisims are protected. I can see that the clear water and fishes as well as coral.

If you want to see more inside the water, you have find the way inside the brushes. Or you can wear swimming suit walk or swimming is ok , the water is not deep.Or if you don't want to wet your body, there are engine-boat will take you to go to the shore to see the coral. It takes almost $90 per ride maximam people of the boat is 6 including the owner of the boat. Maybe the price will be a bit higher in holidays. And the tools for you to see the coral will be a plastic bucket with glass bottom , just use as a magifying glass in the surface of the water. The park is one of must-see Hong Kong attractions.

3. Seafood on the Sea~

Sai Kung is famous for its seafood (hoi sin)restaurants, mainly because of its close location to the sea.

When you are enjoying your seafood at a seaside restaurant, have you ever thought of cooking seafood by yourself in Hong Kong?

Instead of go fishing, you can get fresh seafood easily in Sai Kung. At the pier, a floating seafood market operates in the afternoon everyday. The fishermen sell what they've caught on the same day, the quality of the seafood can be guranteed --> 100% FRESH!!!

4. ever thought of getting real fresh seafood?

What a funny scene to spend your afternoon. those boats come at about 2 something - 3 and sell the seafood that they just got not long ago. you can see many people are standing and waiting for them at the pier.
bargaining with fishermen and fisherwomen and it's great fun!

You can consider Hong Kong for your affordable China travel packages.

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