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General Guide of Nanthan Road of Hong Kong

1. Nathan Road

It was my first Hong Kong travel.. I first need to decide where to stay. According to my search, I need to choose between Kowloon area and Hong Kong island.. Later I decided to stay at Kowloon area.. And when I was searching for tips about there, I have seen the pictures of Nathan Road..

It is definitely the most liveliest street at Hong Kong.. All shops are open till very late hours and people are all on the streets. Our hotel was just on the Nathan road, when we go out from the hotel it was the watch sellers attacking us.. "Copy watches, Do u wanna buy a rolex..etc".. As we are used to such insults, we have managed to clear the first raid..Just after some seconds it was now the tailors attack :).. "Do u wanna buy a suit for you,".. It was really funny, all those indians are handling the fake watch and Suit market..

Nathan Road is a wide avenue with heavy trafic, many shops, restaurants, bars and lively nightlife.. The shops in the street open at 9:00 am and after that till midnite the tendency never drops..

2. The well known Nathan Road

This famous Nathan Road, located at mainland Kowloon, is a must visit. Strolling down the road is a people watching activity. Other than that, as you'll notice, there is quite numbers of indians. As they involve more on money changer and other commercial business.

As Tsim Sha Tsui area well known as a shopping district, more local products and street shows, as well as the bright neon lights at night. As the area pack and crowd largely by immigrants it is advise and beware of pickpockets.

3. Shopping: Nathan Road and surrounds

If it's your cup of tea, there's plenty of shopping to be had. One area would be streets near Nathan Road on the Kowloon side.

Nathan Road and Jordan Street have all manners of shops.

Shanghai Street being near a temple has several stores selling buddhas and guanyins. On this road, you can buy anything you want after tired Hong Kong tour

The Mong Kok Computer Centre on Nelson Street has 3 floors of computing equiipment. And on nearby streets, there are street markets.

Near Ap Lu, you will find fabric stores, electronic stores and mobile phone stores.

4. Nathan Road and the night...

Nathan Road and the night market

Nathan road is an experience in itself, particularly at night after visiting Hong Kong attractions. It's safe enough, I think, but there are rows of seedy-looking electronics shops, which I think I'd discourage anyone from buying from. But there are legitimate shops too, like Timberland, for instance (which happens to be JUST as expensive as in the U.S.). There are karaoke bars, restaurants, men trying to sell you new suits ('NEW SUIT! YOU, NEW SUIT!'), men leading you off into alleys to take a look at their 'Rolexes' (here, I'd be wary of anyone leading you off, although we did - make sure you're with a sizeable group if you do this!!). There's the night market farther down on the left down an alley (as you're walking away from the harbor on Nathan). Ok, my best advice is to just wander and explore the different places around here. I spent a good amount of time here and still didn't see everything I could have.

5. Lady's Market in Kowloon

The Lady's Market is a great place for shopping, and just for seeing the wide range of goods available in Hong Kong. Definately worth a stroll through during daytime or evening.

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