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How to Make a Tour to Hong Kong and Macau for My Vacation in October?

It has been autumn season in China nowadays featuring cool weather which is still suitable to have a travel for many foreigners. If you want to plan to go to somewhere to spend your vacation, here I will highly recommend Hong Kong and Macau to your trip in China in October. Yep, it will be a great idea for you to have a visit there to enjoy the charm of Hong Kong (learn more via Hong Kong city guide) and Macau, your trip will be full of enjoyment and fun because of the beautiful scenery, fashion, charm, delicious food and hospitable local people there, and you will find it a great value after you finishing your tour there!
Macau tour

So, here comes your question: how to plan your tour there and how to tailor make your itinerary to make it suitable and perfect? Do not worry about it here, as you will get the satisfied answer here if you keep reading this article before your affordable China travel packages!

Hong Kong tour

Yes, maybe you have guessed it, you will arrive in Hong Kong to start your Hong Kong tours in your first day and you will have a good rest in your hotel upon your arrival there or just walk around this charming city before going to bed; and your second day will be a wonderful day with full itinerary for you in Hong Kong including a half day tour to ocean park and evening symphony of lights cruise tour; then you will take your cruise to Macau in your third from Hong Kong to have fun in Macau with the sightseeing of Ruins of St. Pauls Hill, the A-Ma Temple and the Hong Kung Miu and be back Hong Kong later that day; and your tour to Hong Kong and Macau will come to an end in your fourth day in China after you take your flight to go back your next destination of popular China travel package.

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