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Top October destinations in China II

Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Zhangjiajie, located in the northwestern part of Hunan Province (famous travel destination for China tour deals), is about 265 kilometers to Changsha, the provincial capital. Most scenic spots in the area are situated in the northern part of the city, including Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Wulingyuan, Tianmen Mountain, Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake, and Suoxi Valley. They are known for their beautiful forests, odd-shaped rocks, exquisite canyons, limestone caves, and jaw-dropping panoramic views. The hills present different views to visitors with the changing of the seasons. In October, colorful leaves, sheer cliffs and secluded valleys wow visitors.

Travel tips:

Best time to visit: April to October


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park: 245 yuan

Wulingyuan: 245 yuan

Tianmen Mountain: 260 yuan

Getting there: travel bus from Zhangjiajie to all the scenic spots.

Nyingchi, Tibet

Nyingchi, or Linzhi in Chinese, lies in the southeast part of Tibet Autonomous Region (holy destination for best tours of China). Located near the lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River, it is blessed with a semi-humid climate and fascinating scenery. With a large number of river valleys and alpine gorges, Nyingchi is also called the "Switzerland of Tibet". When travelling there, you will be amazed by the lofty snow-capped mountain peaks, well-preserved original forests, cypresses that can grow up to thirty meters, and numerous colorful grasses. Travelers can also take part in various activities, such as mountain hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting, and experience the unique local customs of the Menba and Luoba people.

Travel tips:

Best time to visit: May and October


Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon: 150 yuan for adults; 70 yuan for kids

Giant Cypress Forest: 10 yuan

Gangxiang Nature Reserve: free

Basongcuo Lake: 100 yuan

Getting there: You can take a plane to Linzhi Airport, or take coach or train to Linzhi from Lhasa or Chengdu (72-hour Chinese visa free).

Shangri-La, Yunnan

Located in northwest Yunnan Province, Shangri-La is a Tibetan county of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, featuring spectacular landscapes and a mixture of ethnic cultures. Set in tranquil grasslands surrounded by snow-covered peaks, gorges, lakes and virgin forests, the county's attractions include the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, Songzanlin Temple, Bita Lake Nature Reserve and Baishui Terrace (White Water Terrace). Shangri-la is at its most beautiful in May and October. In October, when leaves turn yellow and red, the area astounds visitors with its stunning vistas. Tourists can also experience the lifestyle, culture and cuisine of 13 different local ethnic groups.

Travel Tips:

Best time to visit: May and October


Tiger Leaping Gorge: 50 yuan

Songzanlin Temple: 85 yuan

Bita Lake: 30 yuan

Baishui Terrace: 30yuan

Getting there: You can fly to Diqing Shangri-La Airport, or take a train or coach to Shangri-la from Kunming (learn more via Kunming travel guide), Chengdu, or Lhasa.

Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia

Ejin Banner (Ejina Qi in Chinese), located in Alxa League, is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It borders east to Alxa Right Banner, southwest to the famous Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu Province, and north to Mongolia. Ejin Banner has one of the three extensive Euphrates Poplar tree forests in the world, with a total forest area of 30,000 hectares. In 1992, the Ejin Banner Euphrates Poplar Forest Nature Reserve was established there. Every October, when leaves turn yellow, the whole area becomes a sea of golden leaves, attracting thousands of tourists and photographers who flock to enjoy the amazing autumn scenery. more photos>>

Travel Tips:

Best Time to visit: late September to middle October.


Heishui Ancient City: 50 yuan

Badaoqiao Desert: 30 yuan

Euphrates Poplar Forest Nature Reserve: 15 yuan

Strange Forest: 50 yuan

Tawangfu: 20 yuan

Tel: +86-483-6521823 (Ejin Banner Tourism Bureau)

Getting there: You can take a coach from Yinchuan to Alxa Left Banner or Alxa Right Banner, and then rent a car (preferably a SUV) from there to scenic spots in Ejin Banner.

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