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The brief introdution of Prince Edward District - Kowloon & 1881 Heritage - Salisbury Rd - TST

1. Prince Edward District - Kowloon

One stop north of Mongkok on both the red Tsuen Line and the green Kwun Tong Line is an interesting section of Mongkok - Prince Edward in Hong Kong (learn more via Hong Kong travel guide).

For tourists, the Flower Market and Bird Garden are the best known "sights" to see for your Hong Kong tour packages. To get to the area where the Flower market is located, take exit B1 at Prince Edward Station. The street were you come out is Prince Edward Road West. Turn left and walk down Prince Edward Road West. If you pass the Mongkok Police Station then you are walking in the right direction.

At the end of Flower Market Road (where the majority of the flower stalls are located) you will see the entrance to Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. If you are interested in bird and the quaint sounds some species make then you will find this area entertaining. I personally enjoy watching the elderly bird owners feeding their prized possessions.

The Fa Yuen street market can also be accessed from Prince Edward Road West. I like the very reasonably priced fashion stores on either side of the street. At the southern end of the market there is an overpass which leads to the Grand Century Place shopping mall. This is a more local mid ranged shopping centre (which I like) but was undergoing re-development three months ago. Nevertheless it is still worth going to if you are in the East Mongkok area.

2. 1881 Heritage - Salisbury Rd - TST

1881 Heritage is the result of the compassionate redevelopment of an important colonial site on Victoria Harbour (houses some famous Hong Kong tourist attractions). The main building was the former headquarters of the Hong Kong Maritime Police hence its location and both this and the adjacent Victorian buildings have been beautifully restored. The problem for me is that the immediate area around 1881 now looks even more ugly and needs to be improved to further complement the colonial feel of the surroundings (ie the Peninsula Hotel and Clock Tower).

There is a hotel and exhibition hall and the obligatory shopping mall which does redeem itself in the form of the exotic Shanghai Tang department store (1F) There was still some retail space available a few weeks ago but a number of high end brands have moved in including Cartier, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton. There are upmarket restaurants in the main building and 1881 seems to be a popular place to have wedding photos taken (and perhaps wedding receptions) judging by the number of bridal parties.

It is worthwhile taking a few minutes to look over the various historical artefacts that are dotted thoughout the gardens and forecourt.

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