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Annual Weather and Its Ideal Travel Destination in China

Covering a vast area from the east to west with 62 longitudes and about 53 latitude, China is catheterized by different climate and weather that varies from region to region and province to province. When it is warm in southern part of China, it may be cold in its north; it is dry or windy in the west such as Xinjiang province, it is probably rainy day with rainstorm in the eastern China, especially the coastal cities such as Guangzhou or Qingdao; It may be cold in winter in most of China but it is still warm in Taiwan island and Hainan province. And Kunming, with its favorable weather all the year round, make it a best place to have a travel all the time for travelers from home or broad. Here are some tips for your trips to China based on its weather and the best times to travel.

peach in Guilin

January: North China , especially Harbin and Jilin as you can appreciate the wonder of rime in Jilin and ski in Harbin and appreciate ice sculpture at almost everywhere there during the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival?which is held from January 5 to February 5 every year.

February: Hainan Island. It is still cold in most of China in February. However, Hainan is a good place where you will be embraced with its warm sunshine, coconut graves, and a leisurely bay.

March: Regions south of the Yangtze River (where you can have Yangtze River tour) such as Shanghai, Yangzhou, Suzhou, and Hangzhou where spring flowers appear and it drizzles at times, which make it more graceful and more worthy of a visit.

Hainan Island

April: Guilin, Xi’an, and the Yellow Mountains, where you can appreciate blossoms. Guilin is strongly recommended here as you can appreciate the peach blossoms and enjoy the unique karst landforms which are decorated with verdancy along the Li River.

May: Shangri-La, Lijiang, and Kunming (learn more via Kunming travel guide) where you can retrace the ancient life, enjoy clean blue skies, visit mysterious Tibetan monasteries, and appreciate prosperous azaleas and massive snow-capped mountains.

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

June: Zhangjiajie. You can view the peculiar hills in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, and the challenged toughened glass cliff path of Tianmen Mountain.

July: Costal cities such as Dalian, Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai are nice choices for a cool tour as it is China’s hot summer then.

August: Tibet to visit the magnificent Potala Palace, horse around on the vast grassland, and pay a visit a local family for a adventurous experience.

September: Xinjiang (main destination for Silk Road travel) and Beijing. It is cool at that time and melons and fruits in Xinjiang are ready to taste.

Potala Palace

October: Jiuzhaigou, decorated with colorful trees, including golden, red, blackish green, and yellow, which are reflected on light blue pools and make it a fairyland.

November: Guizhou to visit the Miao villages which are near hills and by rivers, and experience the colorful Miao customs to help you better understand the Miao minority, and you can enjoy the?Lusheng Festival for Miao customs this month.

grape in Xinjang

December: Hong Kong for shopping to save you a lot of money as it is a peak discount season, which will make your tour much enjoyable!

Choose your ideal travel destination in China to relax and enjoy yourself at your leisure time, and you will impressed by the astonishing scenery here, and you will have a memorable trip!

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