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Don't forget shopping when travel in Hong Kong

1. Many Shopping Places: Hong Kong is the City for Shopping!

Hong Kong (learn more via guide of travel to China) is the paradise for people, who love to shop. The products are duty and tax free, so the prices are low.

For some markets like the Jade Market, the Bird Market, Flower Market and other markets I'll do some extra tips. I normally do not shop for electronics or jewellery, so this tips are from a brochure of the Hongkong Tourist Board. There will also be an extra tip for "elements", a big and luxurious shopping mall, which I have visited, but bought nothing.

Garments, Leather goods and international brands: Prince's Builing, Alexandra House (MTR Central)

Canton Road, Harbour City (MTR Tsim Sha Tsui)

Times Square, LeeGardens (MTR Causeway Bay)

2. Hard Rock Cafe: Hard Rock T-shirt

Usually when I travel to a city that has a Hard Rock I make my way there to pick up my daughter a fashionable tee. It is so much easier for me to find a tee that my daughter would like here in the Hard Rock shops instead of those cheesy ones sold to most tourists. And she actually wears them.

This particular Hard Rock Café was located at the top of the Victoria Peak (houses some famous Hong Kong sightseeing) in the shopping complex and is a none food and drink Hard Rock. Basically they sell their typical t-shirts, pins, jackets, mugs and everything you would find in a Hard Rock.

So, if you are looking for a Hard Rock to spend some time eating and drinking you'll definitely be disappointed with this location.

What to buy: Hard Rock T-shirts, jackets, hats, pins and other accessorries.

3. H&M: Tips go shopping from Tusen Wan to Elements

If you know how to transit inside the MTR. YOu can take the MTR from Tusen Wan to go to Lai King station and change to Tung Chung Line towards the Kowloon station which is the station under Elements shopping Mall. And I think it's the nearest location for you to go to H&M shop. But I'm wondering if there are locations for you to go for shopping. Have you been to the "Lady's street" which located in Mongkok. So you can take the MTR to go there too. Then you can go to the shop of H&M located in Langham Place,just one street next to the Lady's street. I hope you enjoy your shopping ! I hope it helps.

4. HK Studio: Street Art

Hsu Yu is a street artist who makes his living by selling his artwork along the promenade in Tsim Sha Tsui. I was walking along there one afternoon and spotted his table and fell in love with his artwork. He is inspired by what he sees in postcards and paints his pictures with an Asian flair by looking at the postcards. He does some excellent work including black and white paintings. Of course I bought a few pieces and he unfortunately does not have a website but says that he is able to email photos of his work to anyone interested. I've taken a couple of photos of his paintings so you can get an idea of what he does. The first one is of a beach in Lantau called Pui O and the second is a street scene in Central, Hong Kong Island. Photos above this text. My photos of his artwork do not do his work justice. His prices are very affordable.

5. Taste Dragon beard candy - a unique experience

What to buy: These candies are really worth a taste for your Hong Kong tours.
They were first crafted by a Imperial Chinese chef over 2 000 years ago.The candy maker stretches and doubles sugar until it forms thousands of fine strands. It's filled with toasted peanuts, coconut and sesame seeds.
I especially appreciated its cripness and it really melts on the tongue.

What to pay: rather expensive but unique

Don't forget Hong Kong for your China vacation deals

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