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All useful and helpful shopping info in Shanghai from real travellers

1. Xiangyang Fashion and Gift Market: What to shop or see a local market?


Xiangyang Fashion and Gift Market offers nearly everything except food in Shanghai (the main travel city along Yangtze River where you can have Yangtze River tour). The stalls are often filled with fake designer goods, but you can also find many local brands. Available goods: clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, gifts, local crafts, games, etc.


What to buy: It depends what is your view on buying fake designer goods. But you can get, for example, Adidas running shoes for RMB 100-130, shirts RMB 30-50, bags RMB 100-150.


What to pay: Between 10 and 30% of the initial price. Make sure to bargain hard - that's expected!


2. Super Brand Mall: The Biggest shopping mall in Asia


The biggest (?) shopping mall, Super Brand Mall, in Asia is situated in Shanghai. It is at the Pudong area.
There are a lot of shops but a lot of empty space (Apr 04) as well. It was spotless clean but as it was so huge one easily gets the impression that its almost empty as well. But actually thats not the case.


On the top floor are situated an "entertainments" like cinema, children play-rooms, games etc.


One floor (5th?) is dedicated to food. There you can find f ex sushi and Thai food, pizza and Korean BBQ and coffee shop.


What to buy: Here you can find almost anything; home eletronics, clothes for both women and men, home furnitures, food, leather and bags, jewellery, toys, golf, home deco, hair care & salons... you name it!
Brands like Lacoste, Nike, Samsung, Panasonic, The North Face, Esprit are sold here...


What to pay: depends what you're going to buy...


3. Xiangyang Market Shanghai Art of Bargaining


Start at 70%-80% Discount off the price. Dun waste time with only 20%. If they ignore you, then try walking away. If that still fail, then try slightly higher. Never Look Eager.


They sell everything from Fake Hangbags, Wallets, Luggages, Golf Clubs and almost anything you can think of.


The touts there are really persistent. Trick is to just ignore them and say no. Do not follow anyone into their shops outside the market which is not regulated and look really dodgy. I have not met with any serious incident in my adventure into those dark alleys but they are more persistent and things can get more heated up inside without the safety of crowds.


What to buy after China vacation deals: Homeware, clothings, watches, sourvenir (Nothing from the Qing Dynasty) .Sports wear, jewellery (Fake Tiffany - Bad quality though), Ties, Jackets...the list goes on.


See my comments on my recommended price.


What to pay: Achievable Price in Brackets. Golf Clubs - (RMB1500-RMB2000 (3W, 7 I, AW,PW,SW putter, bag, shoe bag, umbrella, travel bag. All Fiberglass Shaft . Recommend the beaded handbags (RMB 100-150). Other bags around RMB 50 or less. Clothings - Min 50% - 80% discount . Ties - Good Quality(RMB100-120) & Inferior (RMB 20-30. Watch stiching & materials. Ensure length not too short cos some save on material. Fake watches - Max RMB250. Do not last but at US$30, is a fair price for automatic watch. Shoes - Too narrow at the toes. Ski Jackets - Max RMB 150-200 for a fake northcliff Jacket. Luggage/Briefcase -Max RMB 150 - 250 depending on size and design.


4. The Old Town


The area is surrounded by stores and restaurants. It's always busy, even on a rainy day. Taxicabs and cars cannot go inside the bazaar, so people can walk around inside. There are so many things that they sell here, mostly Chinese antiques, herbal medicines, teas and surprisingly Starbucks too. It is good to come here during the day, but I think it's better in the evening, because they lit up the area with lights and they look so festive.


What to buy: I bought many stuff from different stores there, such as the blooming jasmine tea that looks like a big seed until you pour hot water on it, a Chinese leather painting, tea mugs, and purple corn for snacks. It was a fun experience.


What to pay: You can spend about US$20 for a painting or nothing, because you can just walk around and enjoy the scenery.

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