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Beware of Tourist Traps

1. Bund Tourist Tunnel

After reading the posts on here about the tourist tunnel, I have to disagree. If you are at the waterfront and you want to go across the river to the waterfront on the other side, the tunnel is the best way. Otherwise, you will spend a good 45 minutes or more walking to the subway station, taking the train, then walking back to the waterfront. Yes, the tourist tunnel costs more. Think of it like you are taking a ride though - does the cost of the tunnel seem like a fair price to ride a ride at an amusement park? I would say yes. More than that, it does something practical in getting you from one place to another. I was more than happy to pay and sit in the car as it went through the tunnel than to have to walk the distance, which I was expecting to do, in what is sometimes called the pedestrian tunnel. Besides, the ride is downright psychadelic and pretty cool in a slightly cheesy/tacky sort of way. So you can consider it for your affordable China travel packages.

2. Ask to use meter in cabs

There will always be people trying to take advantage of tourists. Perhaps they are thinking that these "rich" tourists can afford to pay more for the service. Perhaps some people can afford but that's not the point is it.

Just like any city in the world always nicely ask the driver to activate his meter once you leave. In fact you should tell them outright before you board the taxi. Once you journey is completed be sure to get a receipt from the meter.

Fun Alternatives: You can always use the Shanghai metro. It's fast and cheap. The only yhing you have to contend with is the crowd in the train.


When first arrived at the silk factory, I met a guide who gave us a tour of part of the factory. I also learned that when the worms build their cocoons, where silk (the main product along ancient Silk Road where you can have Silk Road tour) comes from.

There was a machine that takes the single cocoons and makes it into thread on a spool. The spools are then used to make silk clothes and pictures. Some of the spools go through a dyeing process to turn them into different colors.

The last room was the demonstration on how the double cocoons are used. The double cocoons are wetted and then stretched over a hoop. About ten double cocoons are stretched over one hoop before the pile is removed. The pile is then stretched out to make a filling for a blanket. We even got to take part in this process.

4. Beware of Friendly Chinese at People Square

I went to People's Square and three attractive girls strike up a conversation and say how one of them are taking her friends around. They ll talk to you and praise you and they ll ask you if you want to go for a show of which all of them are going for and how they have got to book the ticket now. Well i declined coz i was busy with other plans and walked on. One minute later i was approached by 2 guys and a girl telling me more or less the same thing but there is another show nearby a tea ceremony and a Kung Fu show (must-see for your top China tours). I thought it was too friendly and normally Chinese people are not so friendly. I was on my way to the Shanghai Museum and told them i was not interested and they said the Museum was really packed and you cant see much in there. My instincts told me that it was some kind of con so i just moved on. Then 1 minute later another couple tried to do the same thing and i just brushed them off. So guys if attractive ladies come up to you in Shanghai something is not right! I confirm this is a trap coz i met a foreigner working here and he said they ll take you to some place and charge you big bucks for the tea and maybe even take your money. So Beware!!!!

Unique Suggestions: Say hello and tell them you are traveling with friends and they are waiting for you on the other side. Smile and move on or just speak your language and walk on. i spoke malay to them and they did not know what to do. Do all this with a smile.

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