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14 Things To Do In Hong Kong With Kids II

8. Endangered Pink Dolphins

Sadly, due to pollution, ferries and harbour reclamation, the endangered pink dolphins are becoming even more rare. They are gorgeous and if you can swing 3 hours on a boat, try to see them before they are gone. Hong Kong Dolphinwatch offers luxury boat cruises.

9. Explore The Geoparks

There are actually eight Geoparks in Hong Kong (learn more via guide of guide of travel to Hong Kong) that highlight interesting rock formations created by the Earth’s movement. Contrary to the way the above Geopark looks, there are plenty that are flat and easy for young kids to navigate. There are hexagonal volcanic columns, sea arches and other interesting rock formations. Some of them are remote so your best bet is to do some research in order to decide which to see.

10. Watch The Nightly Symphony Of Lights

There is something about this show that I loved throughout the years of living in Hong Kong. I recommend a harbour view hotel room to anyone that might have a chance of seeing the nightly Symphony of Lights (don't miss it for your Hong Kong tour) over Victoria Harbour. The ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ as named by Guinness World Records starts every night at 8:00pm. Colored lasers and lights shoot from the top of buildings lining the Hong Kong skyline. My daughter is 6-years-old and still loves it. There’s music and narration available on the radio though it’s live near Avenue of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Make sure to see the laser show at least once.

11. Ride The Mid-Levels Escalator

This activity depends on the level of patience your kids have, but the Mid-Levels Escalator is the largest in the world. Make it a challenge and see if you can ride it all the way to the top–though it doesn’t reach The Peak. If I were you, I’d draw them to the escalator by talking it up. If they start to get bored, use the opportunity to exit the escalator in the Mid-Levels for lunch. There are tons of great restaurants here. Just know that you’ll either need to taxi back down the hill (very easy to do) or walk down numerous levels of steps. From the Mid-Levels, it’s doable, but any higher than Mosque Street is a major trek for small legs.

12. Walk Avenue Of The Stars

Walk Avenue Of The Stars (one of main Hong Kong scenic spots) is neat to see, but it will resonate to fans of Chinese film more than the rest of us. Located on the Tsum Sha Tsui promenade in Kowloon, this is also a great place to view the impressive island skyline and Symphony of Lights. It’s modeled a little bit after the Hollywood walk of fame and tells the story of 100 years of Hong Kong film making. The big bronze statue of Bruce Lee here makes for another great photo opp.

13. Ride Or Watch For Duk Ling

It’s a Hong Kong icon often seen in travel ads and a sight that lends immediate recognition to Victoria Harbour. Duk Ling is the last authentic Chinese sailing junk in Victoria Harbour. The junk has been painstakingly restored and is available for short cruises during the week or private hire. If you’re not going to ride it, keep an eye out for this famous junk in the harbour. I see it often from Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

14. Ferry To Another Island

Kids who love boat rides can get their fill in Hong Kong between the Star Ferry, Duk Ling, dolphin watching and ferries to outlying islands where the buzz of a big city is less noticeable. The two most popular islands are Cheung Chau (pictured above), which is famous for the annual bun festival in May (if you are in Hong Kong in May, this festival is a must), and Lamma Island, a fishing village. Cheung Chau is home to a pretty beach near the ferry terminal and water-based outdoor activities like kayaking and swimming, while Lamma Island is home to fresh seafood and a quiet beach. We used to take the 20-minute ferry ride over to Lamma from Central, walk around the island and then eat at one of the small seaside restaurants. The islands, especially Lamma, are relatively quiet and provide a nice break from city life.

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