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5 most ‘laid-back’ Chinese cities I

Who would say no to Lijiang? This is one of last lands forgotten by industrialization.


It's not about the scenery or about the distance to the destination. Most of the time, travel is all about the feelings you get when you are there. When it feels right, we pack up and hop onto a plane to flee out of the city where we live a busy, rushing life.


Here are five of the most "laid-back" cities in China that can offer you a shelter when you are looking for a place where the pace of life is much slower for your affordable China travel packages.


1. Lijiang, Yunnan


Who would say no to Lijiang? This is one of last lands forgotten by industrialization.


Here in the southeast paradise of Lijiang, no one spends their evening in front of a television; there is no fast food available; and more impressively, no one rushes on the streets.


Time has frozen in this melting pot of various ethnic groups. Half the population is out enjoying life while the others casually stand behind the bar, the corner shop, or the restaurant.


Plus, you can drink whenever you feel like while listening to ancient music from the Naxi ethnic group.


2. Lhasa, Tibet


There are many who might complain about ranking Lhasa top 10 China tours second on the list. Well, the only reason is that this is a place you can't just go to whenever you feel like.


You must be prepared before even booking your ticket, for there are plenty of tourists that have almost killed themselves after landing in Tibet. Here on the plateau, running is not just needless, but also dangerous. Walk as slow as you can until your body gets used to the altitude, then you can head to Barkhor Street to go shopping. Or you can visit the various temples with prayer wheels to just take a breath, just silently breathe—that's one of the local practices.


There isn't any fast food in Lhasa either, but it is suggested that you try the butter-tea that is sold on the street. Nothing seems urgent in the Buddhist capital of the Tibetan people, which might help to explain the tolerance towards poor cell phone signals.


Drinking alcohol in such a cold climate is inevitable and making friends with strange tourists is another enjoyment. People from all over the world start to talk and hang out after one or two cups of the local strong liquor.

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