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5 most ‘laid-back’ Chinese cities II


3. Chengdu, Sichuan


Chengdu is dubbed "the city no one wants to leave."


It's widely known for its spicy food and comfortable climate that is extremely friendly to the human body. But, did you know that Chengdu Chinese visa, the capital city of Sichuan, is also a sexy city?


Besides looking pretty, women there exhibit a special Sichuan flavor. They are open-minded and brave, but not too aggressive. The whole city is always ready for entertainment and flirting, but at the end of the day, everybody goes home.


In Chengdu, residents seem to always be in the middle of playing mahjong alongside the Hot Pot booths of restaurants. The tea house is another place locals entertain themselves, which makes the city even more comfortable.


4. Harbin, Heilongjiang


Located in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Harbin looks really different from the above three cities. You might even wonder if you accidentally intruded into another world.


Due to the cold climate, most residents—especially the men—are particularly fond of liquor, which is usually too strong for the tourists from southern regions. And, people love food here for almost the same reason that half a year is winter in the province.


That by no means indicates that life here is boring. It's quite the opposite as residents are so good at enjoying life as it is. They party over beers in the summer and ski over wine in the winter. Both women and men are extreme fashion addicts in Harbin China travel deals, thus the city has a sense of modernity.


As winter is approaching, now is the right time now to plan a trip to Harbin to enjoy the famous ice sculptures.


5. Xiamen, Fujian


The rhythm of life is like a melody and people hum tunes that drift over the sea waves in Xiamen in eastern China's Fujian Province.


In Xiamen, the economy has been booming for decades while everything appears relaxed, yet organized. Working in such a city is more than just a struggle for bread; it's more like an enjoyment. Because of this reason, an increasing number of foreigners choose to settle in Xiamen top 10 China tours and youngsters rarely leave their hometown.


Drinking alcohol in the city has been seen as a part of food therapy and people only prefer tea between dinner and bed time.


Tourists often comment that when traveling in Xiamen, it's common to hear the sound of pianos faintly drift over the sea waves. It's a local legend and if interested, you can check it out yourself.

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