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Silk Road Stop: Shihezi

Shi Hezi City gained its game from stones. In history, Shi Hezi was a desolate area of Na Masi County at first, then it was put under Shawan administration. Shi Hezi was a desolate place with reed growing everywhere and it was also the haunt of wild animals. It was a gully full of cobblestone, just like a running stone river. Thus came this straightforward and simple name-Shi Hezi Silk Road travel. People here have brought the rural area into cultivation, they united together, and did pioneering work, they devoted themselves to this place and created many miracles at Gobi Desert.


Shi Hezi has been listed as “ Good city with improved living enviroment” by the United Nation. Shi Hezi is located at the middle of Tianshan Mountain, south of Zhun Ge’er Basin, it is also the pass of “Silk Road”.The city is chosen and developed by soldiers, they have achieved the miracle of lessening desert area and improveing living enviroment. It is a model of supporting and cultivating the construction of the border areas. It has the reputation of “ Pearl of Gobi Desert” for its fine enviroment, unique culture, dazzling affordable China tours civilization.


Shi Hezi is a city with unusual history. In February, 1950, the liberation army entered Shi Hezi under the command of General Wangzhen, they started the project of cultivating the border area, and founded the new She Hezi City a year before the founding of new China. She Hezi has a unique culture, most of the 600,000 people here are armymen transferred to civilian work, young people who volunteered to support the construction here, they came from different part of China. In about fifty years, a unique culture of armymen construction, a spirit of pioneering, opening, multiculture also formed here.


Shi Hezi is a city with nice enviroment, it has been honored as “Pioneering Army City” for its number of armymen, it gained the reputation of “ Clean City”, “Garden City” and “Excellent landscape engineering city” for its fine enviroment, it is also well-known aboard as “ City of Poem”.

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