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Things to do in Kizilsu

The weather of Kizilsu is generally sunny and without significant rainfall. It gets chilly here in winter due to the lack of cloud cover, which is why summer and autumn are the preferred tourist seasons. The Pamir Plateau's snow-capped Muztagh Ata mountain peak on the western edge of Akto County, the southernmost county within Kizilsu, is the main tourist attraction, as is Lake Karakul, an alpine lake at the foot of Mount Muztagh affordable China travel packages. There is a resort at Lake Karakul that is more or less requisitioned as a base camp for climbers during the summer and autumn period. Other area attractions include the prefecture's Auyitagh Scenic Area. For those who do not require modern diversions in order to be entertained, just visiting the Kirgiz people of Kizilsu and observing their lifestyle as well as learning about their past is reason enough to visit the prefecture. If that is not enough, there are the towering mountains that surround this flat basin on three sides and which will surely leave on wondering what it must be like to live out one's life in such magnificent surroundings.

* The Tarim Basin is an endorheic, or closed, water system, i.e., the bodies of water in an endorheic system do not empty into the sea via other, connecting river systems. The runoff water that enters the Tarim Basin Silk Road tour from the surrounding mountains remains in the basin… at least that portion of water that is not evaporated, but given the amount of sunlight here and its concomitant heat, much water is indeed evaporated. Generally speaking, the only reason why an endorheic water system exists in the first place is because there is not enough runoff water to carve out exit streams. In the case of the Tarim Basin, since most of the basin is in the form of a depression surrounded by high mountains, there is no escape in these directions even if enough water accumulated to produce an exit stream. Or rather, the entire basin would first have to fill up, producing a huge lake, before it could spill over the lowest points of the mountain ranges. Some seas, like the Aral Sea, are indeed like this in the sense that they are large, deep lakes without any avenues of exit.

** In CE 840, the Yenisei Kirgiz popular China tour package, who were under the overarching rule of the Western G?ktürk Kaganate but who were under the more immediate rule of the Uyghur Kaganate, revolted, putting an end to the Uyghur Kaganate. The thus strenthened Yenisei Kirgiz, who suddenly found themselves the dominant force in their part of the Western G?ktürk (Turkic) Kaganate, began to exert their influence, pushing southward toward Tibet and China, i.e., to the Pamir and Tian Shan mountain ranges, and to the northwestern reaches of the Tarim Basin, or to present-day Xinjiang. This Yenisei Kirgiz move to the fringes of China, as well as the Tang Dynasty's defeat of the Eastern G?ktürk Kaganate, would eventually result in an accord with the Tang Dynasty rulers by which the Kizilsu Zirgiz people would become part of "Mother China", while the Yenesei Kirgiz who had occupied territory farther west would remain outside the boundaries of China, though they would some day form their own independent country, Kyrgyzstan.

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