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Get to know The History of Temple Fair in Ciqikou Ancient Town

The History of Temple Fair in Ciqikou – Brief Introduction

During the Chinese Spring Festival, temple fair holds in Ciqikou Ancient Town affordable China travel packages which is the busiest place of Chongqing municipality. During the Spring Festival of 2000, 2001 and 2002, the number of tourists coming here exceeded one million and the spectacular event was broadcast on CCTV at prime time in a succession of the three years.

The History of Temple Fair in Ciqikou - Origin

The early temple fair was a pious religious activity, which probably came into being in Eastern Han Dynasty and developed in North and South Dynasties. Then temple fair reached the most prosperous time in Tang Dynasty. At that time, Buddhism was just spread into China, while Taoism has been believed by ordinary people.

In order to advance quickly and improve the influence in public, the two religions often held some ceremonies to accept more believers. Sometimes, they would add some performances such as dancing, opera, martial arts or music to their activities. According to document record, there was a spectacular event on the Buddha's birthday in the capital of Northern Wei Dynasty (AD. 472-499). There were more than 1,000 statues of Buddha putting on the float and theatrical troupe walking behind the float. This kind of ceremony was considered as the origin of temple fair top 10 China tour packages.

The History of Temple Fair in Ciqikou – Content

At the same time, there were some organized celebration activities of worship held in the Buddhism temples or Taoism temples while the two religions held activities too. Therefore the temple fair was not only a place for religious sacrifices, but for entertainment. A large number of people gathered here, which brought about tremendous commercial opportunities. Later many shops and trade activities became a part of the temple fair so that temple fair is also called "Temple Market" popular China tour package.

The History of Temple Fair in Ciqikou – Development

Temple fair was held in different time and different place according to various folk customs such as different Buddha adoring.

The temple fair in Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing Yangtze River tour traditionally held from the first day to the 15th day of the first month in lunar calendar. During the time of temple fair, Ciqikou Ancient Town would be the busiest place with a lot of people various amusements. Tourists can appreciate storytelling or Sichuan opera in teahouses or worship Buddha in Buddha temple. There are full of other Chinese traditional amusements such as taking sedan chairs and making the sugar shape (make different shapes with sugar for eating), and other performances like dragon playing and lion dancing. You won't miss it when you go to Ciqikou Ancient Town.

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