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Learn Tibetan Etiquette 2

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Tibetan etiquette is quite diverse and is always closely related to the religion.



The etiquette of bow is done to the elder, or the respected people. When Tibetan people bow, they will always take off their hats, bend over 45 degrees, with hats holding in hands in front of their chest and heads slightly lower. Sometimes, people also bow with their hands closed, bend down and then nod their heads. And then the counterparts will do the same in return.

Toast and Tea-Serving

Toast and Tea-Serving

When the hosts greet the guests, they will always dip in the wine and flip three times. Besides, the hosts will also catch a little barley grains and throw them into the air for three times.

In the feast, the hosts will toast to the guests. The guests ought to sip three times at first. After each sip, the glass will be filled up again by the guests. After the three sips, guests should drink up the whole cup of wine. See more at China tour deals

Tea serving is a daily etiquette. When the guests come to the house and be seated, the hostess or their children will com to serve buttered tea. However, the guests can not help themselves to the buttered tea. They must wait until the hosts or hostesses bring the tea in front of them and then take the tea over and drink it. Only in this way are the guests regarded polite.

Gifts Presenting

In Tibet,people attach much importance to gifts presenting. When there is something happy, people will always come to congratulate with some gifts. Generally, some gifts will be presented in return. What's more, the amount of the gifts will always double that of the former gifts. Otherwise, they will be regarded as stingy or impolite.

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