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The beautiful but less-known Hong'an Ancient Town

A Brief Introduction to Hong'an Ancient Town

Hong'an Ancient Town is located 47 kilometers away from Xiushan County, occupying an area of 52 square kilometers with a total population of 16,000 people. It is in the boarder of Chongqing, Hunan Province and Guizhou Province. It is called the "Southeastern Gate of Chongqing". In 2002, Hong'an Ancient Town was rated as the famous historical and cultural town of Chongqing Yangtze River tour.

Literature Breath of Hong'an Ancient Town
Overlook of Hong'an Ancient Town
Hong'an Ancient Town China tour deals is the prototype of Shen Congwen's outstanding novel-Boarder Town. Shen Congwen was born and brought up in Xiangxi of northwestern Hunan Province which is a boarder town of Hunan Province, Chongqing and Guizhou Province. He was touched by the beautiful landscapes and the unsophisticated, virtuous and warm-hearted local people in the boarder town. In 1934 after he returned Beijing from the boarder town, he wrote the masterpiece-Boarder Town, which depicted the mysterious and attractive land of Hong'an Ancient Town where a touching love story happened. Thus Hong'an Ancient Town was endowed with a rich literature breath.

Attractions of Hong'an Ancient Town

In Hong'an Ancient Town, the natural landscapes are fascinatingly beautiful. Natural landscapes include the Hongcha Bridge connecting Chongqing and Hunan Province best tours of China, and a mountain like an elephant's nose absorbing water. Sanbuguan Islet is also a famous natural scene. Sanbuguan means that none of the three places-Chongqing, Hunan and Guizhou governs the islet, for that the islet does not belong to any of them.

Magnificent human landscapes in Hong'an Ancient Town are rich. Ancient architectures with ethnic flavors are also abundant. Statue of Cuicui-the heroine of Boarder Town written by Shen Congwen stands on the bank of the river. Walking on the stone-steps streets, you can enjoy the view of blue bricks and black tiles on both sides and deep courtyards. Walls in Hong'an Ancient Town are equipped with high and firm fire-proof tubes, which is a unique scenery.

The most classical sight in Hong'an Ancient Town is the Steel Wire Ferries. There is a steel wire connecting the docks on both banks of the river. The wire also fastens the driving forces of the ferries. The ferries are pulled from one bank to the other bank.

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