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National Forest Park on the Liupan Mountain

Located in the south of Ningxia province Silk Road tour, the Liupan Mountaini is also called Longshan Mountain. With an altitude of 2928 meters, the main peak of it is in the range of Guyuan County and Longde County of Ningxia. The mountain body is in the south and north direction with a length of about 240 kilometers and is the boundary mountain of the Loessil Altiplano in the north of Shan’xi against the one in the south of Shan’xi and the sinuous and rugged watershed of Wei River and Jing River. In the ancient times, the people have to travel six winding roads before they get to the top, hence the name Liupan Mountain. On the southeastern foot of the mountain is another scenic spot named Old Dragon Pond, one of the headstream of Jing River Yangtze River tour.

Continuing for more than one hundred kilometers, it has a natural second growth forest of more than 40,000 hectares. As the headwater of the Jinghe River, Qingshui River and Hulu River, its unique geographical position and the great zoological function play import role in mediating and humidifying the environment of the mountainous area in the southern Ningxia which is dry and barren. Recently, natural reservation and scenic spot had been built one after another on the Liupan Mountain.

The Liupan Mountain is always said “spring is closely followed by autumn”. On the top of its main peak—the Migang Mountain with an altitude of 2924 meters, you can enjoy a variety of amazing scenes at different times, the thick mist clouding the mountain-top in the morning, the mountains emerging in an endless stream in the day time, the green trees and wild flowers enhancing in the clear sky and mountain in spring, the unique landscapes with cool and refreshing air in summer, the red autumnal leaves covering all the mountains in autumn and the white mountains in snow in winter. In 1935, Mao Zedong once arrived at this scene spot with the Red Army on the Long March, so he composed down the resplendent Mount Liupan-to the Tune of Qing Ping Yue. At present, the Long March Memorial Kiosk is a lasting reminder of the Long March for tourist.

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