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Tomb Quest: Walk into the Luoyang Tomb Museum

There are many monuments in Luoyang last minute China travel deals, such as White Horse Temple and Longmen Grottoes. These are relics on the ground, but today, I will show you a scenic spot under the ground, that is the Luoyang Tomb Museum, which is located in the east of Zongtou Village, northern suburb of Luoyang City. Luoyang had been the capital of eight dynasties of ancient China, as well as the first slave state. Archaeologists found a lot of ancient sites and thousands of ancient tombs when did a research in Luoyang, unearthed hundreds of pieces of cultural relics, and Luoyang Tomb Museum was just build on the basis of these sites top China tours. There are two serials exhibition in Luoyang Tomb Museum: the typical ancient tombs and the Northern Wei imperial tombs.   Tourist Information: Tickets: free to visit, but you must have a valid identification. Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.-16: 00 p.m. Transportation: take the No. 83 bus at the train station stop, and get off at the Luoyang Ancient Art Museum. tags:travel to China, China tourism

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