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Christmas at Hong Kong's Ocean Park

Christmas season is approaching! Do you want to travel to a place you have never been and see the things you have never experienced? Come on, dear! Hong Kong Ocean Park is waiting ahead of you!

Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong tour packages, opened in 1977 by the Governor of Hong Kong Sir Murray Maclehose, is located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, ranking as one of the biggest ocean parks worldwide. Covering an area of more than 870000 square meters, Hong Kong Ocean Park has been opened to the public for more than 30 years and features breathtaking thrill rides, amazing animal exhibitions as well as exciting shows.

Actually, Hong Kong Ocean Park is a combination of both education and entertainment, because it is suitable for thrill-seekers and those who like to gain knowledge.

For most foreigners who visit HK, panda-watching is a must! There live four lovely pandas called Ying Ying (盈盈), Le Le (乐乐), An An (安安) and Jia Jia(佳佳) respectively in Hong Kong Ocean Park, which attract a variety of visitors from home and aboard every year. Since China Conservation and Research Center in Wolong is the home to Giant Pandas, Hong Kong Ocean Park tries every mean to construct a similar living condition for the pandas. Retreated from panda-watching, we are going to experience vivid dinosaur models exhibition and go back to the 65 million years ago. From the interesting dinosaur models, people can gain a deep understanding of the living habits of dinosaur and image the mysterious living environment at that time. What is more for Hong Kong travel?

With over 1000 sea jellies of different sizes, fascinating Sea Jelly Spectacular has become another highlight in Hong Kong Ocean Park. If you want to get close to the precious fishes, an amazing underwater experience is a good chance for you. A glad meeting to those special animals, such as dolphins, spotted seals, red pandas, and king penguins, is more than enough to keep visitors happy for a full day.

Roller coaster named the Dragon with three loops and corkscrew usually makes people screaming and crazy, which is very popular among thrill seekers. Then is the Absyss, which may transmit you to about 62 meters high and then drop you down cruelly from the sky. Besides, Ocean park tower, flying swing, ferris wheel, the eagle, pacific pier in the Ocean Park Hong Kong Hong Kong sightseeing are all worth you to have a try.

Transportation inside Ocean Park

As for the transportation, we will typically recommend you to take the cable car, which may provide you with a charming 8.3-minute trip. So far, there is a 1.5-kilometer long cable car between the Waterfront and the Summit in Ocean Park Hong Kong, from the cable car people can appreciate the scene of the South China Sea clearly. Still we have the 225-meters long escalators, which are known as the second longest outdoor escalator system in Hong Kong, offering visitors a convenient link from Tai Shue Wan to the Summit.

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