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Maiji Mountain Grottoes, the art treasures behind iron bars

Maiji Mountain Grottoes, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Silk Road tour, Henan Longmen Grottoes, and Shanxi Yungang Grottoes are together known as China's four greatest grottoes. Mogao Grottoes is known for its murals, Longmen Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes are both famous for their stone carvings, while Maiji Mountain Grottoes is unique for its exquisite sculptures, what’s more, it is known as Oriental Sculpture Museum, because there are many caves, perfect statues, and continuing for a long time.

I was so eager to see the Maiji Mountain Grottoes that I get off early in Tianshui on the train to Lanzhou. There is No.34 green bus directly to Maiji Mountain area at the right side of Tianshui Train Station Square, about 1 hour’s drive. It is rather convenient to go to the scenic area, and you can check your luggage at the train station or the visitor center China vacation deals.

Maiji Mountain Grottoes is the caves cut on the hillside cliff. Now the wooden ladders have been replaced into the cement reinforcement steps, so the security has been improved a lot. Unilateral access, usually visitors do not have the chance to jam, and the possibility of danger is small. But walking on the steps and watching the empty abyss under the foot, most of people dare to climb the steps. How dangerous it is to build the grottoes. How great the worker who completed this great project.

Maiji Mountain top 10 China tours is gravel rock, and the stone on the mountain is loose and not easy to craft. Therefore, most of the Buddha status in the caves are clay color Buddha.

These Buddha statuses are really beautiful, but what’s unpleasant is that you have to glimpse of these artistic treasures thought the iron bars.

It should be said that Maiji Mountain Grottoes is really very exciting and beautiful caves. As far as the parts I see, I think they are really can be called the country’s treasure. But the overall weathering damage is still very serious and miserable. The human damage is very serious. So from a certain perspective, I can understand the reason why there are so many iron bars.

I really hope that the cultural workers in the Maiji Mountain come up with a way to protect the relics from further weathering, while still allowing visitors to enjoy the arts.

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