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Refreshing Tour of Mount Wuyi

Wuyi Mountain stands on the south of Wuyishan City last minute China travel deals, Fujian Province. Wuyi Mountain itself has dimensions of roughly 70 square kilometers. It's recorded that Wuyi Mountain with important travel resources has been listed as parts of the world natural and cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is just as likely that the area is among the world's most typical, largest and best-preserved humid subtropical native forest. Foreigners from all over the world also visit Wuyi Mountai regularly in order to imbibe its splendors and rich heritage.

The unending stretch of cliffs and crystal clear waters of Wuyi Mountain are absolutely unique. There was a breath of wind from a distance, but there, in the shelter of the cliffs, it's nearly impossible to be felt. The mountain is also famous for its stiff cliffs and high rising peaks. Wuyi Mountain is the important composition part of geoheritage landscape resources, with the red landforms of rosy clouds as noteworthy characteristics of theirs, also called Danxia landform that has been given more widely attentions for its great tourism value. It's said that Danxia landform best tours of China have lent 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 prominent rocks and 108 scenic spots to the great mountain. From the gorge came the noise of the stream with Nine Turnings in the boulders. The stream bubbling along its course is as good as at first, the little rubbish it gathers in the turnings, is sufficiently easy to move away. In truth, the fantastic scenery of the mountain and its waters has condemned Wuyi to be the most attractive mountain in southeast China.

It's whispered that the stone slabs and boat-shaped rocks over deep gullies are among the greatest examples of the classical style of Wuyi Mountain. The laughter and song in the air from the tourists shall be heard once more sweetly echoing up the sharp towering cliff of the innumerable years. The story goes that the vegetation of the tree growing on the brink of the cliff shall drop a handful of seeds on to the lake under the mountain; the way a rich man throws loose change to beggars. The scenes of unparalleled grandeur of the Dazang Peak popular China tours are huge rocks, deep caves and pools. The typical Danxia landforms are considered to be excellent tourist resources here. The rare and unique sight of monoliths of red sandstone encompassed by emerald green water take possession of tourist's excited imaginations. Danxia landforms are the daedal hand of nature that leaves endless imagination to people.

This is a beautiful legend about the Yunü Peak in the ancient China. Lending beautiful romantic tales to the allure of the beautiful scenery, Yunü Peak has become one of the most beautiful chapters as a great tourist spot. People here recount beautiful fairy tales out of entrancing natural phenomena, and they are eternally gratifying to many tourists' aesthetic sense. As time passed, the charming story is passed on from one person to another, also lend this scenic spot of Wuyi Mountain a romantic and mysterious touch and made sightseeing here more thought-provoking.

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