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Nanhu Lake and Cross- Bridge Rice Noodles

Having originated in Mengzi County of Southwest China's Yunnan Province China vacation deals, the Rice Noodles Crossing the Bridge dish boasts a history of more than 100 years. With continuous renovation by chefs specializing in Yunnan Cuisine , the dish has enjoyed growing fame both at home and abroad, and every visitor to Yunnan should definitely try the famous snack besides taking in the breathtaking natural scenery. There is a beautiful legend concerning the birth of the rice noodles. Legend has it that South Lake(Nanhu Lake) in Mengzi County once boasted extremely beautiful scenery, where a great many literary scholars would work hard to become an official. One of them was a Xiucai (person who passed the imperial examination at the county level in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties) surnamed Yang. Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles originated from Mengzi County, and has a history of more than 100 years. It is said that in Mengzi, there was a small island in a lake called Nanhu. A young man stayed there getting prepared for the national examination. Every day his wife had to pass a bridge when she brought him the meal. But the meal had turned cold by the time she got there. One day, the wife cooked a pot of chicken soup and happened to see that the layer of oil on the soup could keep the soup wanm. And when she put raw slices of fish and meat into it, they were done instantly, and were very delicious. From that time on, she took the soup, meat and rice noodles top China tours, crossed the bridge to bring the meal to her husband. Her husband could have a warm meal every day, hence the name "Across-the-Bridge Rice Noo-dles". It has been more than 80 years since the Bridge - Crossing Rice Noodles spread to Kunming Kunming tours. Nowadays, it is a favourable local food for both domestic and foreign guests due to its excellent material, elaborate preparation skills, unique serving method as well as its rich nutrition. Yang often went to read books at the pavilion located in the middle of the lake. Although his wife would always take him something to eat, Yang was always so deep into his studies that he often forgot to eat. By the time he would remember, the food had already become cold, and thus his health deteriorated. One day, much concerned about her husband, the wife killed a hen, and cooked it in a pottery pot. Then, she took the chicken and soup to her husband. After a while, she came back to clean up. However, what she saw was the food left untouched by her husband who was intently concentrating on his book. With a sigh, she decided to heat it for her husband to eat later, but to her surprise, the pot was still warm when she touched it. Uncovering the pot, she found a layer of chicken oil floating atop the soup, which, together with the pottery container, helped preserve the heat. From then on, she cooked in this way to keep the food warm, and her husband was always able to eat warm food. Later, many people cooked rice noodles in the wife's innovative way, and found it really delicious and fresh. Since Yang had to cross a bridge to reach the pavilion in the middle of the lake, the rice noodles cooked in this way was named "Guoqiao Mixian " (literally "Rice Noodles Crossing the Bridge"). The rice noodle dish contains three parts: the soup, any kind of sliced meat, and rice noodles and fresh vegetables. See more at like Hong Kong travel guide

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