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Boating on the Jianhu Lake,Shaoxing

Also known as the Mirror Lake, the Jianhu Lake China vacation deals is located in the southwestern Shaoxing County. The lake presents an expanse of waters extending to the horizon. In the ancient times, the lake was 358 li (one li is 0.5 kilometer) around while today the Jianhu Lake refers to the water system from the East Kuahu bridge west of Shaoxing City to the West Lake Bridge at Hutang, encompassing an area of 50 square kilometers. Since the Tang Dynasty (618-907) when the art of poetry matured and prospered, the Lake has been the subject of numerous poetic masterpieces.

The Sanshan Mountain (literally Three Mountains) is where Lu You, a Song poet, once lived. The patriotic poet retired to the mountain and wrote numerous poems and essays there. Though time has changed, the lake retains its natural and cultural charms. Today, green hills flank crystal-clear waters. A boat trip on the lake can introduce the visitor to the pleasure of sailing in a painting of a mirror-like lake.

The Lanzhu Mountain sits in the southwestern Shaoxing County top 10 China tours. Legend has it that Goujian, the King of the Yue Kingdom, once planted orchids there. The Pavilion of Orchids, the Mecca of Chinese calligraphers, is located at the foot of the Lanzhu Mountain. According to history, on March 3, 353, the 9th year of the Yonghe Period of the Eastern Jin dynasty, Wang Xizhi met scholars and celebrites there on a spring party. They drank wine and wrote poems. The literary gathering produced 37 poems. Wang Xizhi wrote a prologue for the poetry collection. His Prologue to the Collection of Poems Written at the Pavilion of Orchids is not only a literary masterpiece but also a calligraphic tour de force. Wang’s handwriting shows a perfect combination of elegance, beauty, and masterly force, thus a wonder of art since that time. As Wang has been regarded the greatest calligrapher of ancient China, the pavilion has become the Mecca of Chinese calligraphic artists.

Across the Pavilion of Orchids stretches the Pavilion of Orchids State Forest Park popular China tours. Inside the nature reserve are wooded peaks, bamboo groves, brooks, and a lake. Tourists can enjoy a boat trip and participate in water sports. Or they can fish or barbecue there. The park is equipped with a set of tourist services, which makes the nature reserve a leisure resort where tourists can enjoy landscape and experience the cultural tradition by visiting the pavilion nearby.

Lizhu, a flower farming powerhouse in close vicinity of the state forest park, is home to orchids in China. Lizhu breeds a complete series of flowers and saplings. In particular, rare and valuable orchids produced there enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad. If tourists want to look at flowers, then Lizhu is an interesting place to visit. Flower industry is one of the local industries Shaoxing wants to boost.

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