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Travel Experience - Songhua Lake,Jilin

(Songhuahu fengjingqu), 24km east of the city center affordable China tours, is a popular tourist magnet out of town. This is an attractive location, the long narrow lake is surrounded by forests and pretty hills and it is easy to get lost, boating on the lake or strolling along leaf strewn paths.

Looked at from above, the lake resembles a string of shining pearls set in-between heavily vegetated mountain peaks. Covering a total area of 700 square meters, Songhuahu boasts eight scenic spots within the lake area, ranging from islets, peaks and ponds to attractive hilly slopes. It is possible to pay a visit to this area in all four seasons - outings in spring when the lake is at its highest, boating and bathing in summer, angling in the autumn and of course, skiing in winter. Boating on the lake top 10 China tours is quite inexpensive at about RMB5 an hour.

Apart from its picturesque scenery popular China tour package, the lake also abounds in flora and fauna: whitefish, carp and nameless fish as well as over 160 species of herbal medicines. If you are lucky enough, you may also bump into rarer species such as roe deer, black bear and lynx. The lake even has its own myth, in a similar vein to the Loch Ness stories. In 1992 a soldier visiting the lake on leave reported being attacked by a dragon like creature. Truthful or not, the tourism industry here has never looked back.

In recent years, thanks to this booming travel industry, the lake has reaped in considerable revenue with the completion of the Songhuahu Ski Resort. For detailed information, check the entertainment overview. Tours can also be arranged here from an office at 105 Jilin Street.

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