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Tuyugou Canyon Travel Tips

Food in Turpan is almost as same as in Urumqi Silk Road tours. You can enjoy Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Uygur snacks and Islam halal food. If you ask the local people in Turpan what is their favorite food, their answer might all be grapes and other fruit. In Turpan, grapes and other fruits could be seen as people’s main food. They even eat grapes and other fruits while they are walking. A fruit meal is with great Turpan characteristics. In additional, halad food in Silulvzhou Hole is very good. They are local and the prices of food are moderate. They serve roast meat and cantaloupe at the restaurant.

Best Time to Visit the Tuyugou Canyon

Turpan is often called the land of fire. The highest temperature there is 49.6℃. At the summer noon, the surface temperature can reach 80℃. There is a saying that eggs in Turpan can be boiled in the sand and pastries are be baked on the wall. For tourists, the best time to visit the Turpan area for last minute China travel deals is in July, August and September when all kinds of melons and fruits are ripe.

Tuyugou Canyon Best Routes

Tuyugou Canyon—Mazha Tomb—Thousand-Buddha Cave—Tuyugou Ancient Village

Tuyugou Canyon Tickets:

Joint Ticket: 190 RMB

1. Open time: In season (April 21st—October 20th) 8:00—21:00; Off Season (October 21 st—April 20st) 10:00-18:30

2. Box Office: Turpan Tourist Service Center (600 meters to the east of toll station in the No. 312 National Express in Turpan best tours of China)

3. Special prices:

A. Free ticket: children under 1.2 meters, people above 70-year-old, serviceman (including the armed police), handicapped people with certificates.

B. Favor ticket: 20% price cut for a student with the student ID; half the price for people between 65 and 69 with certificates; half the price for people between 60 and 64 when the national and international ole people festivals.

4. Attention: Tickets with less than 6 attractions are effective for one time within 48 hours. Tickets with over 6 attractions are effective for one time within 72 hours.

9P joint ticket includes Grape Ditch, Kan’er Well, Gaochang City, Ancient Tomb and Tuyugou

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