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Qinling Zoological Park Travel Tips

The park aims to highlight the natural and authentic demonstration of the animals and the surroundings. The animals are presented with or more often without a cage. The Qinling Mountain China tour deals offers a perfect environment for the animals to live like in the wild. It is the first of its kind established in northwest China housing over 10,000 animals of 300 different species.

Best time to visit Qinling Zoological Park

Avoid winter time for the coldness.

The average year-round temperature is 13oC

Best routes to visit Qinling Zoological Park

Herbivore area on car (gnu, Tibetan yak, zebra China best tours)—-Beast of prey area (lions, tigers, leopards, boars, coyotes) —-the performing stage (singing and dancing performance, interaction with the actors)—-Sea lions performance—-Birdsong forest(swan, black swan, peacock)—-circus

How to get to Qinling Zoological Park


Take Bus 600, 215, 323, 299 and transfer at Changanweiqu Station to “You 9” (Tourism 9)

Car: (From Chang An District to the Park)

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