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To Get a Real Picture of the Polar Life in Harbin Polar Land

To many people the life of the poles is mysterious China tour deals. Because of extreme coldness of the two poles, ordinary people won’t bother to get there. Maybe only scientists have the courage to go there for research. However, since we know there is life in the polar region especially when we see pictures of lovely penguins from the South Pole and strong bears from the North Pole we have become very curious about the real life of these rarely seen creatures. Then, why not come to experience a real polar life in Harbin Polar Land which is the most excellent park in presenting the real polar life to the audiences.

As the first polar land themed park focusing on performance, Harbin Polar Land is one of the four scenic spots of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. It covers an area of 16,000 square meters and its main activities include animal shows, polar sightseeing and interactive experience with animals. It is divided into many themed sections such as Daxing’an Mountain, Fisherman’s Wharf, South Pole Penguin’s Island, North Pole Animal’s Home, Whale’s Bay and Happy Sea Lion’s Kingdom.

1. Daxing’an Mountain

In this section, advanced and specific techniques are used to present the original Daxing’an Mountain. You will see the whirling windmills, red fireplaces and cheerful watermills. Besides, you can also get a vivid picture of the hunters’ life: the guns, bows and arrows they used. Water peacefully flows against a background of white snow mountain China best tours in the distance. Also some rare fishes are shown swimming here such as Russian sturgeons, golden trout, etc.

2. Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf imitates that of San Francisco. It demonstrates the romantic scenery of the coconut trees, the blue sky, the sea shore and the soft sand. A lot of rare sea fishes are swimming: butterfly fish, angelfish, fox fish, clownfish, etc. A special area has been specifically designed for children. That is the “Close to The Sea” area where children can see clearly the different tiers of the sea. By learning more about the sea in this way children can realize the importance of the sea and the responsibility for the protection of the ocean.

3. South Pole Penguin’s Island

This is a manmade island where live 17 penguins. And here has the first penguin named Manpo who was born in China’s inland. Advanced lighting technique and the artificial ice and snow can create day and night, sunrise and sunset, storm and perpetual day and perpetual night in the polar region popular China travel package. Visitors will feel the mysterious meteorological phenomena of the poles in this section.

4. North Pole Animal’s Home

This section provides animals from the North Pole such as polar bears, seals, belugas. The “Heart of the Ocean” performance is renowned worldwide. It is an underwater performance by the two belugas named as Mira and Nicola and their two trainers. They use their body language to show their love for the ocean. It will give you a visual enjoyment.

The above mentioned spots are the main sections of Harbin Polar Land. In actuality there is more to be explored when you go there by yourself. I have heard this park for a long time but I still haven’t an opportunity to go there. So it has become a dreamy land for me. I believe this a place you shall not miss. So those who are planning a Travel to Beijing or a Travel to Shanghai are strongly suggested to include Harbin in their schedule.

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